Business Continuity

What does continuity mean for your business?

Having a storage device for all your important files and folders is a necessity in today’s business environment. Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, a network attached storage, or NAS, device can enable you to easily share files and folders with others on your local network.

What if that same local storage device could also backup all your files and folders to the cloud? Why would that matter? It means that you’ll have your data safe and secure, even if you accidentally delete or lose your files. That’s continuity for your business, and peace of mind for you.

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The network storage device built for your business

Datto NAS provides businesses with a scalable, network attached storage device. Most often used as a common location for sharing files or as a backup target, it’s easy to implement and use. Simply plug it into the network, configure it in minutes, and all of the data stored on that Datto NAS will be readily available locally, backed up to the cloud, and quickly recoverable in a disaster scenario.


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Datto NAS provides Total Data Protection

Datto NAS is a full-featured networked device providing storage and protecting business data. Easily manage users, groups and file permissions while providing simple, scalable and protected storage for your local network.

  • Leverage award winning core technologies

Easily protect files and folders running on Windows, Mac, or Linux without the need for multiple tools. Backup your data automatically to the local device with copies in our secure cloud storage environment.

  • Recover critical files, folders, or volumes quickly

Should you experience a server failure, the Datto NAS can recover your files, folders, and volumes right from the device, or even from the Datto Cloud.

  • Secure File Sync & Share

More than just making files available on a local network drive, the included Datto Drive Local feature makes the latest files available on any device, at any time, and from anywhere: office, mobile devices, desktops and even the web.

  • Backup data from multiple locations to a single device (and to the Datto Cloud)

Once connected to your network, Datto NAS can be configured to pull data from multiple locations on your network and sync it to the Datto Cloud. So no matter where your files and folders live, they are always securely backed up and can be recovered in seconds, when needed.

What do you get with Datto?

  • Data Protection on Premises and in the Datto Cloud

Every image-based snapshot of your system is stored both locally and in secure, purpose-built data centers. This means no third-party cloud providers are involved in the safety of your data.

  • Built for Quality

All Datto business continuity products are designed and assembled in Datto’s build facilities in Monroe, CT by a highly trained team using the best components on the market. Each device is assembled to exacting standards with extreme attention to detail.

  • An Award-Winning Industry Leader

Award-winning technology and innovative new solutions from a team that prides itself on building a better business continuity solution day in and day out. Datto has been recognized for its ingenuity by The Atlantic, Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg Business, and The New York Times.

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