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Sicon Modules for Sage 200

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October 6, 2022

Sicon has carved out a niche for designing and developing modules that extend the functionality of Sage 200. The additions they supply are innovative and of the highest quality, genuinely enhancing the capabilities of the core software. Their long standing development partnership with Sage has helped Sage 200 become the go to ERP for industries such as manufacturing, construction and warehousing and distribution to name just a few.

The company draws from its experience in many business sectors to create its products. The aim is to address the specific requirements of a range of industries within Sage 200. In this article, we will take a look at the Sicon modules available for Sage 200 to give an overview of just what’s on offer.


Sicon CRM

Sicon CRM


This is a superb Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that is fully integrated with Sage 200. It incorporates customer classification, targets and dashboards, opportunity management with sales territories, customer drop-off alerts, case management with tracking workflow and much more. It’s accessible via web browser and mobile app.


Sicon Courier Integration

Courier Integration


This enables you to view and select available couriers at the point of sales order despatch and print labels to prepare the package for courier collection. Combine this application with Sicon documents and you get the ability to email despatch notes, including courier tracking numbers and details.


Sicon Documents



Users will be able to scan and retrieve documents within Sage 200. Document indexing information is stored in the Sage 200 SQL database for quick, simple searching. Documents themselves are stored in the Sage 200 attachments path, so they will all be backed up within the backup plan.


Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing

Barcoding and Warehousing


This Sicon application integrates in real-time with the stock and order processing modules of Sage 200. There is also full support for other Sicon additions like Works Orders for picking/building assemblies, Projects for issues/returns and Distribution for pre-allocating stock at goods in.

For more detailed information, please read our article Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing for Sage 200.


Projects Sicon Projects



Projects integrates with Sage 200’s purchase ledger, POP, SOP, Stock, Time Recording and Works Order Processing. It delivers effective solutions for clients in industries like construction, manufacturing, software development and contract management in virtually any form imaginable.

For more information about Sicon Projects (also known as Sage 200 Job Costing), please take a look at our article Sage 200 Job Costing (Sicon Projects).


Sicon Manufacturing



This unique set of additional modules integrates with BOM, Stock, Sales and Purchase Order Processing. Its modules include provisions for Works Order Processing, Projects and Estimating, and you can configure it specifically for costed manufacture for one-off projects or high-volume repeat production manufacture. Material and Resource Planning helps with works and purchase orders.

Want to learn more about the manufacturing capabilities in Sage 200? Please feel free to read our recent article Sicon Manufacturing for Sage 200.


Sicon Works Order Processing (WOP)

Works Order Processing (WOP)


This integrates with Stock Control and BOM. It enhances the capabilities of Sage 200’s native BOM module and is perfect for users in the manufacturing sector. It simplifies the processes of allocating and issuing stock, providing the ability to amend work orders even during assembly.


Sicon Material and Resource Planning (MRP)

Material and Resource Planning (MRP)


This addition is based on material demand from purchase and sales orders, as well as forecast sales orders, minimum stock levels and free stock. The Sicon Works Orders module is also integrated, and a list of suggested purchase orders and works is also generated. Labour and machine capacity demand for the week is created from Works Orders to enable a rough-cut capacity plan.


Sicon Kitting



This creates single-level parts lists when you allocate and issue Sage 200 stock items for the creation of a finished product. You can build kits manually or within a Sales Quote and Sales Order. When Sage 200 Bill of Materials is overly complex, Kitting is a superb alternative.


Sicon Construction and CIS

Construction and CIS


This is a fully integrated solution for the construction sector which centralises operational and financial information. It adds CIS/RCT/CITB, Retentions and Applications, Costing and Valuations features within the Sage 200 database. If you need a real-time understanding of the progress and profitability of construction projects, this is for you.

You can learn more about the benefits of Sage 200 for the construction industry in our article Why Choose Sage 200 for Construction Companies?


Shop Floor Data Capture

Shop Floor Data Capture


Link this to Sicon Works Order Processing and Projects to get real-time visibility of operation progress and time elapsed. There is the option to create a route card, including barcodes, for every operation. This enables you to simply scan on-off an operation to capture time elapsed and update progress within Sicon projects.


Sicon Web Authorisation Processor (WAP)

Web Authorisation Processor (WAP)


This integrates into Sage 200 in real-time to provide data entry and approval processing for a wide range of business documents. Approval can be based on pre-set parameters like project/job, nominal code, document type, user and value. This facilitates real-time analysis of different types of costs against budgets.

If you would like to learn more about Sicon WAP, please read our article Sicon Web Authorisation Processor (WAP) for Sage 200.


Sicon Service



This integrates with Sage’s financial, stock and order processing modules. Log service cases to schedule engineers, allocate stock and transfer that stock to engineers as required. The profitability of call-out jobs and service contracts can be monitored and managed. There are also tablet interface licenses available for service engineers to use.


Sicon Intercompany



This addition enables users to carry out purchase invoice apportionment, cash/stock transfers and nominal journals. It also facilitates the creation of POP/SOP and SL/PL invoices between different companies.


Sicon Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets


Manage your fixed assets efficiently and effectively. This addition links directly to financial ledgers and relevant month-end processes and it is very easy to use. The module incorporates list views and workspaces along with a host of standard Sage 200 reports for your convenience.


Sicon Distribution



This integrates fully with Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing. It is intended to manage requirements relating to distribution organisations to improve things like costing, management of seasonal trends, reduction of stock holdings and increased telesales productivity. It also incorporates sales forecasting into future stock projections and the creation of suggested purchase orders.

If you want to understand how Sage 200 could benefit your distribution business, please read our informative article The Benefits of Sage 200 for Warehousing & Distribution.


Sicon Enhancement Pack

Enhancement Pack


There are many Sicon enhancements for Sage 200 that are simply too small to be sold as products in their own right. Sicon has made these smaller additions readily available by including over 125 of them in the Enhancement Pack modules for you to access.


Audit Log

Audit Log


This tracks field-level changes of Sage and Sicon modules. This may assist with compliance or simply with understanding the changes made to things like financial modules, sales/purchase order processing and more. ‘Silent’ change logging is available and you can configure user-prompted reasons for changes.


Sicon Contracts



This helps control periodic invoicing and manage the reconciliation of deferred income and cost postings. It operates entirely within Sage 200 and contracts can be manually created when sales orders are posted with contract items included.


Sicon Hire



This integrates with Sicon Fixed Assets as well as the Sage 200 Stick and Order Processing modules. It helps manage the requirements of hire organisations that need to create hire documents, control pricing, schedule people/equipment and generate on-off/periodic invoices.


Sicon Cash Flow

Cash Flow


Integrate this with the Sage 200 financial ledgers and order processing to design cash flow formats. A simple drag-and-drop interface enables the adjustment of income/expenditure to reflect anticipated cash impact without needing to amend document due dates.

You can learn more about this module in our article Sicon Cash Flow for Sage 200.


Sicon Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)


This integrates with Sage 200 financial ledgers and provides online subcontractor verification, production of payment certificates and CIS submissions within the Sage report designer.


Sicon Debtor Management

Debtor Management


Ease the processes of collecting funds for both you and your customers. Failed direct debits can be managed and there is improved flexibility for collection methods with defaults on customer accounts and overrides at the sales invoice/order level.


Sicon WAP HR



This provides self-service access for WAP users to access and update HR information as required. It’s a simple means of distributing new company policies and other key information for team members, as well as monitoring staff absence with the Bradford factor scoring system.


Sicon WAP Sales Orders

WAP Sales Orders


Raise sales orders for stock items or free text entry, based on information from special pricing and projects within Sage 200. Automatically generate sales orders once an order is approved.


Sicon WAP Holidays

WAP Holidays


Holiday requests can be raised based on annual entitlements. Conflicting user checks are included, along with mandatory holidays, shutdowns and departmental regulations. A calendar view enables approvers to easily visualise other bookings in their department.


Sicon WAP Timesheets

WAP Timesheets


Timesheets can be entered via the WAP interface for the tracking of cost, charge and pay rates on the basis of work patterns. Weekly timesheets are submitted once contracted hours are completed with various approval options. There are also facilities for tracking allowances like late working, overnight stays and overseas travel.


Sicon WAP Invoice Approval

WAP Invoice Approval


Unauthorised invoices plus scanned images can be automatically picked up. Invoices can be created in WAP for flexible amendment of projects and VAT during approval. Multi-level approval can be applied by routing invoices within WAP.


Sicon WAP Expenses

WAP Expenses


Multi-level approval routings for expenses based on user, project, nominal codes and more. Preconfigured expense items make selection choices simple, with maximum claim values for each user and location. Everything complies with HMRC guidelines and mileage claims are integrated with Google Maps to assist with data entry.


Sicon WAP Purchase Requisitions

WAP Purchase Requisitions


Purchase requisitions can be raised using Sage 200 suppliers, stock items, nominals or free text entry. Automatically generate purchase orders in Sage 200 after the approval or requisition.




From reading the above it should be clear that Sicon has developed a wealth of modules to enhance the already powerful functionality of Sage 200. These modules have been developed due to a genuine demand from industries with more niche requirements and processes than your average business.

Sage 200 is a robust ERP solution that can grow with your business, and through the addition of intuitive Sicon modules you can create a business solution that streamlines your business processes and increases productivity and profitability.


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