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Sicon Commercials for Sage 200

Sicon is a software company that has been developing modules for Sage for more than two decades. In that time, they have established themselves as the leading Sage 200 ISV for customers in the UK and Ireland. The applications they develop and design are solely for use with Sage 200, and they have a reputation for innovation as well as high-quality and uniquely functional additions.

Sicon Commercials modules are applications for Sage 200 that provide elegant solutions to complex business processes in niche and specialist market sectors. These include (but are not limited to):


  • Barcoding and Warehousing
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Hire
  • Manufacturing
  • Service


Let’s take a closer look at the modules it offers for different sectors.


Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing


The Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing module integrates in real-time with Sage 200’s stock and order processing modules. Not only that, but it features full support for other Sicon additions like ‘Works Orders’ for picking and building assemblies, ‘Project’ for issues and returns and ‘Distribution’ for the pre-allocation of stock. You simply install and maintain it within Sage 200 and it will run on any Android device. Use it for:


  • Receiving purchase orders and placing them into new or existing bins.
  • Picking and dispatching sales orders.
  • Issuing and returning stock internally.


Stock can be picked for Sicon Works Orders and Kits or Sicon Stock Transfer. You can use it to add ‘found’ stock and write off any stock that is damaged. Stock takes can be processed and you can transfer stock, even if already allocated, to the warehouse.

Many barcode formats are supported by the Sage 200 report designer, and there are layouts for printing barcode labels, warehouse bin location labels and barcodes for sales orders, purchase orders and more. You will need to choose and purchase your own handsets, with an additional license required per device. Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing is currently used in:


  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Civil Engineering
  • Service Industries


For a more in-depth look at Sicon Barcoding, you can read our informative article Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing for Sage 200.


Sicon Construction and CIS


Sicon Construction centralises operational and financial information, adding to the standard Sage 200 features with CIS/CITB/RCT, Project Costing, Valuations and Retentions and Applications features. Construction businesses that need a real-time overview of the progress and profitability of construction projects will benefit from it. The Sicon Construction suite is made up of:


  • Projects
  • Applications and Valuations
  • Retentions


Install it within Sage 200 and it will be available to all users with permissions. Sub-contractors can be set up within Sage 200’s purchase ledger with all the relevant details. The system captures revenues and costs for every job, stage and sub-stage, recording stock issues, purchase orders and invoices, labour, nominal costs and cash book for each job.

All supplier and customer retentions are stored in the Retentions ledger and you can print customer applications whilst managing invoice processing and cumulative valuations. Everything relating to Supplier Applications is covered, with detailed retention and application reports within the module.


  • Automatic calculation of CIS on paid/allocated invoices.
  • Print subcontractor payment statements before submitting CIS.
  • All CIS and subcontractor verification submissions are HMRC-approved.


Projects for Construction includes:


  • Planned purchases
  • Self-billing invoicing
  • Hired in plant and tools
  • Sage 50 payroll interface
  • Revenue to complete
  • Cost at complete
  • CVR


The other elements of the suite include richly-featured tools for CIS/RCT, Retentions and Applications and Valuations to ensure everything is provided to keep operations flowing smoothly.

Want to learn more about Sicon Construction for Sage 200? Read our in-depth article Why Choose Sage 200 for Construction Companies?


Sicon Distribution


Sicon Distribution is an enhancement for Sage 200, integrated fully with the Stock and Order Processing modules of the base software. It is optimised for the management of everything required by distribution organisations for more efficient costing, a reduction in stock holdings, the management of seasonal trends, increased telesales productivity and the incorporation of sales forecasting into stock projections and purchase order creation. There are nine individual modules to Sicon Distribution:


  • Material Planning: provide suggested purchase orders for handling future stock shortages based on robust data analytics from previous activity.
  • Warehouse Replenishment: top up remote warehouses like consignment warehouses, engineer vans and production plants.
  • Future Sales: forecast future sales demand based on historical sales data and seasonal trends.
  • Reserves and Call Offs: hold allocated stock and release either directly or via SOP, which can be used to manage commitments to purchase and track status.
  • Pre-Allocation Management: sales orders and purchase orders can be linked to ensure swift allocation at goods in.
  • Purchase Order Management: this includes things like inspection of goods, supplier delivery KPIs, supplier qty breaks, expanded landed costs and minimum order values.
  • Stock Matrix: for handling the creation of size/colour/season/style stock items in a grid-style order entry for faster processing.
  • Container Management: manage the entire container creation lifecycle.
  • Sales Order Management: an enhancement for sales processing.


Sicon Hire


Sicon Hire integrates with the Sicon Fixed Assets as well as the Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing Modules. It helps manage the requirements of hire organisations by creating hire documentation, scheduling equipment and people, modifying pricing and creating one-off periodic invoices for hired items.

You will be able to flag Sicon Fixed Assets to be made available for hire and transfer stock items accordingly. Assets with calibration/service dates can be flagged and you can force inspections of items once returned. Back-to-back hire can be managed and scheduling is simplified with an on-hire diary view. The graphical user interface displays multiple assets at once and you can schedule assets by category if required. The features are:


  • Hire Assets (stock items, hire items, asset flagging).
  • Scheduling and Diary (Diary view, item returns, graphical user interface).
  • Invoicing (invoice times, price book, miscellaneous items).
  • Back-to-back hire.
  • Costing (detailed hire costing, asset profitability).
  • Documentation and reports.




Sicon Manufacturing integrates with BOM, Stock, Sales and Purchase Order Processing. The package can be configured for different volumes of manufacturing with either limited or ongoing runs. Modules cover Projects, Works Order Estimating and Processing, Material and Resource Planning and more. The full feature list is as follows:


  • Projects
  • Estimating and Capacity Planning
  • Works Order Processing
  • Material Planning
  • Labour Recording
  • Resource Planning


It integrates with a range of Sage 200 modules to incorporate everything you need for the management of the manufacturing process. You can even include Shop Floor Data by integrating with the Sicon WAP Timesheet/T&A module. Disparate manufacturing considerations like projects, kitting, material and resource planning and works order processing can all be managed together effectively.

For a more detailed look at the manufacturing capabilities in Sage 200, please read our in-depth article Sicon Manufacturing for Sage 200.


Sicon Service


Sicon Service integrates with Sage 200’s stock, financial and order processing modules and it is very user-friendly. Service cases can be logged to allow the allocation of stock, scheduling of engineers and the transfer of stock to the relevant engineers. You will also have management of the profitability of service contracts and call-outs, and tablet interface licenses are available for remote interactions. Highlights include:


  • Service contracts.
  • Service case logs and history.
  • Assignment of service cases and detailed logging.
  • Service levels.
  • Contract costing and billing.
  • Equipment lists.
  • Customer, supplier and engineer data.


It is easy to install and use within Sage 200 and runs with multiple Sage companies. The interface includes the Sage 200 menu structure and you can access list views and workspaces, with the ability to take memos and notes as required. There is a suite of standard Sage 200-style reports and everything can be integrated with Outlook and Exchange. Mobile access is provided and it all integrates with Sage 200 CRM for even greater insights and functionality.


Sicon Commercials Overview


From reading this article, you should now have an understanding of the powerful functionality Sicon Commercials, along with other Sicon developed modules bring to Sage 200. If your business is involved in manufacturing, construction, warehousing, distribution, hire or servicing, Sicon Commercials could be a gamechanger.

Through years of understanding the challenges faced in specific industries like these, Sicon have developed tools that provide real-world solutions which offer businesses a way to streamline their operations.


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