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Sage 200 for Education

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July 11, 2022

Sage 200 is a dynamic, innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system perfect for managing financials for educational institutions. It’s packed full of intelligent functionality that ranges from automation tools to comprehensive budget control. If you’re looking to improve how your educational institution handles its finances, Sage 200 is a powerful tool with all the features you need. It’s built from the ground up to meet the needs of the industry, so every aspect of the sector is covered.

In this article, we’re going to dive into Sage 200 for Education to find out how it can help institutions take control over their finances.


A flexible, scalable solution


Sage 200 for Education is a cloud-based financial management solution, which makes it an excellent platform to consider when upgrading your systems and software. You don’t have to heavily invest in servers and associated installation fees as it is hosted in the cloud. This allows you to save money and redirect it elsewhere.

As it’s cloud-based, Sage 200 for Education gives your institution the freedom to log in, update details and assess data from anywhere at any time. Moreover, it’s totally scalable, which means that you can add additional functionality and services as your institution grows.


Take control of your data easily


Data has never been easier to gather, inspect and use thanks to Sage 200 for Education’s innovative features. The dashboard is a great way to see information clearly and at-a-glance, and you can even glean insights by extracting the data to spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.


Data security and integrity are two major issues that all educational institutions need to address. Because Sage has teamed up with Microsoft to host Sage 200 for Education on Microsoft Azure, you can sleep sound knowing your data is completely secure.

Microsoft’s data centres (run by Microsoft Global Foundation Services) are some of the most secure and cutting-edge in the world, with full ISO/IEC 27001:2005 compliance. There are also in-built security features to ensure that the data stored there is secure and safe.

In the event of a system failure, you don’t have to worry about losing data either. That’s because Sage 200 for Education provides automated data backups. So if there is an issue, you can quickly and easily retrieve backup data and repopulate data sets in an instant.


Available 24/7 and built for ease of use


One of the great things about Sage 200 for Education is that it’s available when you need it. The team at Sage provides constant monitoring of the servers to ensure that your data is always ready and available for you. In their terms, Sage guarantees 99.9% service availability, so you know you’re in good hands.

It’s also an easy-to-understand system that offers a lot of user guidance. That way, even people who are new to Sage 200 for Education can get involved and accustomed to the interface in no time at all. It features an intuitive “Getting Started” homepage that aims to bring in new users, answer questions via a help centre and other resources such as how-to guides and instructional videos.


Generate insights through flexible reporting


Sage 200 for Education is an excellent platform for financial reporting, using Microsoft Excel as its foundation. It offers a completely customisable tool for reporting where you can pull data from Sage 200 and adjust it to suit your purposes. This includes filtering data, formatting it or applying different formulas to it.

You have the freedom to bring in your own data from workbooks or charts by uploading them to the cloud. This allows you to have total control over how your data is used, allowing you to glean insights and perform targeted analysis on data.

You can set up specific departments to produce their own reports for income and expenses, balance sheets or cash flow. It even makes it easy to refer back to previous years and implement changes moving forward so that all of your records are accurate and updated.

Another great feature of Sage 200 for Education is that it gives you total control over your accounting periods. You can choose to open, close or even reopen accounts as you require. You’ve got the flexibility to adjust the period lengths and you can establish set period structures for future use.


Better financial management


Sage 200 for Education is a truly innovative platform for educational institutions thanks to its suite of features. You have more power to manage finances better thanks to features like in-built VAT submissions. It also gives you the ability to easily view all standing orders, direct debits and charges – with key information about payment dates, the number of total payments and how much is owed.

To get a better grasp of your financial reporting, you can categorise and classify data into groups. You have total flexibility about the categories you create, from industry type to supplier locations.

Sage 200 for Education is designed with ease of use in mind, so you can easily view account balances to determine their liquidity. All it takes is a few clicks using the in-built data management tool.

It’s a powerful tool to track financial performance, and you can use actuals and budgets for up to 5 years. There’s even a fixed assets register pre-loaded which lets you record assets and manage their life cycle and depreciation using various methods. This is particularly useful to educational establishments with an often large number of fixed assets such as computers, equipment and sometimes vehicles.




Sage 200 for Education empowers educational institutions to take full control of their finances in an intuitive way. From an extensive range of in-built automated processes to scalable design choices and extensive reporting capabilities, there really isn’t a better way for educational institutions to perform financial management than with Sage 200 for Education.


Why choose Eventura to help deliver your Sage 200 project?


With two decades of Sage deployments under our belt, we are experts in delivering robust Sage 200 solutions that are meticulously designed to suit your specific business needs. We take a full 360-degree view of your business, and help you identify all of your requirements.

Our team of expert business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff will guide you through your Sage 200 project from conception, through to deployment and ongoing support.

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