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How to Backup Sage 200?

There is no means to backup a Sage 200 Company from within the Sage 200 application or within Sage 200 System Administration. Contact your Sage 200 Business Partner to discuss backup schedules or ad hoc backup requirements.

Sage 200 databases run using Microsoft SQL technology and backups are managed using Microsoft SQL Management Studio. 

Access to Microsoft Management Studio is normally limited to IT Professionals, including Sage 200 business partners

Your Sage 200 database holds information that is vital to your organisation so it’s reasonable that you would want to ensure that this data remains available, accurate and secure.

Using SQL Management Studio, your Sage 200 business partner or IT team should be able to schedule backups for your Sage 200 companies to run automatically and run ad-hoc backups in preparation for activities such as year-end.

When discussing your backup requirements with your business partner, you should carefully consider requirements such as the frequency and timing of the backups as well as details around where the backup files are retained and for how long.

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