Sage 50 Payroll

Sage 50 Payroll is the leading payroll software solution in the UK, handling tax and national insurance contributions, employees and enabling yearly accounts to be sent directly to HMRC. This valuable tool saves both time and money, so staff can focus on other areas of the organisation that are vital to its health and growth.

Sage 50 Payroll is fully accredited by HMRC and is fully compliant with current legislation, giving you peace of mind that all payments comply with government regulations.

Sage 50 payroll benefits and key features

Sage 50 Payroll has been developed to seamlessly integrate with other Sage 50 Suite modules including Sage 50 Accounts. This allows for accurate data at all times, meeting the legal requirements and ensuring that employees can manage the finances and legal obligations of the organisation effectively. With Sage 50 Payroll you can:

  • Manage and maintain costs of the organisation
  • Automatic calculation of wages
  • Stay up to date with the latest legal obligations
  • Monitor holidays and absences of employees
  • Calculate benefits including bonuses and overtime payments
  • Calculate complex holiday allowances
  • Calculate complex final pay
  • Secure information in one central location with different user access rights
  • Save time by running batch reports
  • Customisable reporting and payslips
  • Simple installation and help
  • Import existing data
  • Built in help centre


Sage 50 Payroll

Automatic enrolment legislation bring new legal obligations for employers regarding workplace pensions and in order to assist organisations in maintaining compliance with this, Sage have developed Sage 50 Payroll, the Auto Enrolment Edition.

It provides the knowledge and tools to allow organisations to prepare for Automatic Enrolment in a quick and simple manner. It does this through the following:

  • Greater control with the ability to create a personalised action plan to prepare and stay on course
  • Save time through setting up Pensions quickly and easily with access to leading pension providers
  • Manage the cost of Auto Enrolment and analyse the cost of the legal obligation to your business
  • Reminders can be created to keep everyone up to date with outstanding work
  • Access to all Automatic Enrolment information