Sage 200 Project Accounting

The Sage 200 Project Accounting module allows you to gain a competitive edge through more effective project budgetary management. It is a highly configurable and flexible module of the Sage 200 Suite.

By capturing costs including timesheets and expenses from anywhere online, Project Accounting saves time and improves accuracy.  Suggesting the bills to be produced based on the defined project terms, accurate invoices can be efficiently created. 

Sage 200 supports your decision making, by helping you to understand the income and expenditure of each project, giving you the information you need to improve profitability.

The Sage 200 Project Accounting module supports your business and management team in particular through providing a range of tools:

  • Tailored project structures to suit your business procedures with unlimited parent and sub projects
  • Fields can be named and configured to match the needs of your business projects
  • Additional fields can be added and their function defined to work in the best possible manner for your projects
  • Limit the information accessibility where necessary with workspaces specifically designed for different users
  • Sage 200 Project Accounting is fully integrated with other Sage 200 modules
  • Flexible billing schedules can be created and differ between project and by customer
  • Simple templates create a more efficient billing process
  • Automated or manual bill production to save time whilst still giving the element of control
  • Visible breakdown of all project costs allowing for a view of accuracy, reducing the risk of complaints and encouraging prompt payments
  • Easy to track project costs as the Web Timesheets and Expenses function allows claims to be entered either online or through the company intranet

For more information of how Sage 200 Project Accounting and The Sage 200 Suite can assist in maximising profits for your business, contact Eventura today.

As an accredited Sage partner and developer, Eventura have the necessary expertise to offer consultancy services, implement and support every element of The Sage 200 Suite.