Sage 200 Financials

Managing the finances of any business has become increasingly complex. The accounts team require a wide view of the business including customer details, customer history, costs, assets and payroll information in order to drive the business forward.

The accounts department need reliable and effective tools in order to ensure the business finance management is as accurate and controlled as possible. Sage 200 Financials software assists in delivering all of the information that the accounts department could possibly need in order to create efficient, accurate and proactive results.

Sage 200 provides users with real time data to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reporting across the entire organisation. Sage 200 Financials can be divided into four key components that enable the functioning of the complete financial solution.

Sage 200 financials overview

Sage 200 Financials is one of the core Sage 200 Suite modules, designed to create more efficient accounting processes for your sized business. The SQL database gives an improved speed, meaning that processes become streamlined. The database also provides improved data integrity with highly accurate, consistent data. Staff and teams become more productive, work together effectively and improve time management as everything that they need is available in one, flexible user interface allowing them to actively respond to issues with speed. 

Sage 200 nominal ledger

The Sage 200 Nominal Ledger allows for greater flexibility, analysis and visibility whilst helping to reduce time spent and streamline processes. The flexible nominal structure allows for highly detailed reports based on a cost centres or departments within your business.  This gives a greater level of analysis to give you more control over your business.

Sage 200 sales ledger

The Sage 200 Sales Ledger provides a full suite of tools that allows for greater control over your customers and more comprehensive foreign currency handling. Client specific trading terms that allow for more effective credit control while reducing the need for manual intervention.

Sage 200 purchase ledger

The Sage 200 Purchase Ledger contains a number of tools to make your payment processing more efficient.  By intelligently suggesting which invoices require payment based on pre-defined criteria it can streamline this process while retaining the ability to manually intervene ensures that the control is maintained.


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