Sage 200 suite from Eventura

Sage 200 software brings a powerful, integrated approach to business through managing your finances, customers and business insights in one complete ERP solution.

It has been designed specifically to provide an easy to use, in depth system that proves highly useful across an entire organisation. It helps to ensure that each department works together efficiently, delivering clear cost benefits.

Eventura are a North West Sage 200 business partner and developer who have proven expertise coupled with a tailored approach to assist clients in selecting and developing the best possible ERP system for their organisation.

What is an ERP system?

An ERP system is an integrated business system that manages both the internal and external resources of an organisation. The implementation of an effective business system will streamline business operations ensuring that maximum efficiency and accuracy of business processes. This, in turn, will deliver up to date and effective management information to allow key business decisions to be made quicker and with greater effect.

Why choose the Sage 200 ERP system?

Sage have been supporting businesses throughout the UK for over 30 years. The scale of the continual investment in the development of Sage allows organisations to stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly changing world of business. Based in the UK, Sage 200 software is fully compliant with UK legislation and brings the benefits of larger ERP solutions for a fraction of both the time and cost. 

Sage 200 allows you to take greater control of your organisation as the integrated ERP system is entirely tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. By increasing efficiencies and driving new sales opportunities, Sage 200 will assist in moving your business forward.

The core modules of the Sage 200 Suite provide solutions for:

  • Sage 200 Financials – improves business control and management reporting functions across all areas of business finance.
  • Sage 200 Commercials – by gaining greater control over your inventory Sage 200 will allow better informed stock and order forecasting giving greater efficiency over your order processing.
  • Sage 200 Project Accounting – accurately determine margins on all aspects of projects to ensure that they are delivered within budget.
  • Sage 200 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – increase customer satisfaction and drive additional sales by managing your customer interactions.  Giving the ability to not only generate new leads through the marketing capability but then streamline the sales process to maximise revenue CRM is an important tool for any business.
  • Sage 200 Business Intelligence – greater levels of analysis to facilitate quicker and more effective decision making.  The Business Intelligence module delivers tailored KPI’s to suit your business.

As an accredited Sage 200 business partner and developer, Eventura based in Westhoughton, can offer a range of software services.

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