Credit Hound

Cash flow is one of the most important aspects of your business finances and if credit control processes are poor, with little effect even the most profitable businesses can face adverse consequences.

Credit Hound provides a comprehensive and affordable solution to assist you in streamlining credit control process of your organisation. It has been designed specifically to reduce the time it takes to be paid, improving your cash flow and saving you time. This solution is suited to organisations of all sizes who wish to see an improvement in their credit control processes.

Credit Hound is flexible and fully scalable to suit one or multiple users. It seamlessly integrates with your accounts software to reduce the need for dual entry of data and Spindle Professional in order to automatically email, fax, print and archive documents.

Reduce bad debts

Monitoring and keeping in contact with customers is simple with automated self-chasing and diary reminder features. It will enable you to view potential issues and gain greater control over the credit that you offer to them.

Improve cash flow

Cash flow is a crucial element of every business and when credit control processes are poor there can be a detrimental effect on even the most profitable organisations. Credit Hound improves and streamlines credit control procedures, helping to improve cash flow and reduce bad debts quickly.

Credit Hound has a similar look and feel to Microsoft Outlook, making it easy for new users to familiarise themselves with it. The built in calendar creates instant alerts, reminding which clients need to be chased, when and why.

Save time

The unique automated features of Credit Hound allow you to chase 60 or more clients in the same time it would take you to chase 6 when using traditional methods. It is simple and convenient to use and integrates with accounting software preventing the need for duplicate transaction details and when an invoice is paid, events are automatically completed.

Simple to use dashboard

Everything that you need to know is visible on the Credit Hound homepage in a simple graphical format. There is colour coding features for ease of reference, a chart showing who owes the most money, disputes, the amount you are expecting from customers and total amount owed to you, broken down by invoices not yet due, overdue or disputed.

Chasing screen

Credit Hound compiles all of the most important information into one “chase screen” gathering all of the customer details from outstanding invoices and contact details to previous chase history and notes.

Credit Hound offers ways to overcome issues of objection to making payment with a fully customisable list of reasons for non-payment. Once a discussion with the customer has taken place, Credit Hound has the ability to automatically generate follow up letters ensuing customers are in no doubt about their obligation to pay.

Rules and actions

Rules can be determined within Credit Hound defining which actions the software should automatically perform dependent on customer characteristics. Through using this key feature, stages of the current credit control procedure can be streamlined and automated saving staff time.


Credit Hound's built-in calendar enables you to keep on top of promised payments as well as remembering to review disputed invoices. With the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook, you will instantly feel comfortable and confident using the calendar.

Crucially, events in the calendar are linked to your accounts system. So once an invoice is paid, events are automatically completed. This saves valuable time and importantly, it avoids the possibility of chasing payments already made.

Interactive aged debtors list

One of the advantages of using an interactive aged debtors list is that you are able to sort and filter your accounts in real time. The list highlights the accounts with the oldest overdue invoices.