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Why should you choose Eventura to deliver your Sage Construction solution?

Eventura has helped countless construction companies streamline their operations for over a decade, understanding the unique challenges faced within the construction industry. With construction projects often spread across multiple locations and with contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and customers to effectively manage, it’s essential that construction companies have robust solutions in place to fulfil their operational requirements.

We take great pride in delivering bespoke construction solutions that are perfectly designed to fit your specific requirements. We believe no two customers are the same, which is why the business solutions we deliver perfectly serve our customers needs. Our expert team of business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff will help you build the perfect Sage solution that will free up your time and allow you to focus on the important stuff.

With profit margins tighter than ever and competition within the construction industry fierce, it’s vital that construction companies have the tools they need to work efficiently and deliver best in class projects to remain competitive. Here’s just some of the things to look forward to when you choose Eventura to deliver your Sage construction solution;

Improved Inventory Management

Shortage of materials can cause major delays to a construction project, costing time and money. Ensure your projects stay on track by allocating committed stock to individual projects or jobs. Automatically raise purchase orders based on sales orders, minimum stock quantities and current demand. Process live stock transactions on portable wireless devices as materials are delivered on-site.

Automated CIS & CITB Deductions

Ensure you are are fully compliant with HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) with automated CIS deductions applied to subcontractor payments, submitted digitally and fully compliant with making tax digital. Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) deductions are also fully automated, increasing accuracy and reducing manual and time consuming calculations. All deductions and subsequent payments automatically raise payment certificates.

Improved Project Costing & Management

Take advantage of world class project modules which integrate with sales order processing, purchase order processing, purchase ledger, inventory, works order processing and time reporting. Assign sales orders and purchase orders to specific projects along with materials and labour. Keep projects on track with a real-time view of current costs versus budgets, and deliver projects on time and on budget to your customers.

Accurate Applications, Valuations & Retentions

Subcontractor and supplier applications are held on a dedicated applications register. Applications for payment are continually updated in a cumulative process to ensure payments made reflect work or materials provided. Customer applications are automatically raised from sales order processing and then updated throughout the project, ensuring customer payments reflect the finished product compared with the original application and valuation.

A dedicated retentions ledger holds an accurate record of customer and supplier retentions, including payment release dates, ensuring retentions are released on time and are not forgotten about.

Connect the Construction Site to the Back Office

Utlise cloud-based capabilities to link your construction site to your back office. Cloud hosting means you have access to crucial business systems and information at any time, from anywhere and on any device. Record and manage resources such as labour, materials and plant equipment at the touch of a button on mobile devices, designed to withstand all the elements. Gain a real-time view of the stage of a project and make strategic business decisions in a heartbeat.

Health & Safety Made Easy

The use of mobile devices increases efficiency but many construction managers worry about ensuring the health and safety of workers, particularly during lone working. The selection of appropriate hardware, implementation of policies, monitoring and specialist apps can all be leveraged to provide peace of mind that employees are safe when conducting their daily tasks at various locations.

Improved Supplier & Customer Relations

Manage suppliers and customers more efficiently to improve business relationships. By delivering projects on time, on budget and to their original specification, customer satisfaction and retention is guaranteed. Suppliers can self-service with access to their own account information, allowing them to view purchase order history and raise invoices. Supplier and customer information is all held in one place allowing for easier management.

Get in touch…

If your construction business is experiencing growth and your current systems are showing signs of strain, we’d like to hear from you. With our experience in the construction industry and a wealth of construction clients on board, we can help you find a solution which provides a perfect fit for your business. From conception, to deployment and then support, we can help provide the tools to grow your business. If you’d like to speak to one of our Sage Construction experts, you can request a free call back here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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