Construction Technology: Weighing up Costs and Business Benefits

Talking technology with some Managed IT Services Providers means that costs are often considered further down the line, with initial conversations focussing on business pain points and benefits of various solutions. However, cost is often a high priority to construction businesses who are constantly under pressure to close projects on time and within budget. Of course it is important to consider business benefits, as a Managed Services Provider ourselves we know the massive rewards technology can bring, but it is [...]

GDPR- The Challenges and Benefits to Small Business

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25th May and presents one of the most challenging overhauls that many marketers will have ever faced. Nowhere is that truer than in small businesses. The ICO’s National Radio Campaign The Information Commissioner’s Office recently launched a National radio campaign aimed primarily at small businesses. The ICO’s radio campaign called “Making data protection your business”, tells people about the GDPR, what it means and who it applies to, including small businesses. It [...]

How construction firms can leverage technology

Over the past ten years businesses across all sectors have adopted new business technologies to drive organisational efficiency. However, some sectors have been more likely to invest in technology than others. As the scale and complexity of construction projects has advanced, the construction sector has not necessarily leveraged modern technologies to realise their goals. When applied effectively, technology can drastically improve the efficiency and productivity of organisations in the construction sector, which is constantly under pressure to complete projects on [...]

Construction Technology: Building for the future

Technology is bringing huge benefits to the construction industry with increased efficiency, reliability, productivity and lower costs. When deciding how to invest in technology, it is important to plan ahead, maximising your investment and building for the future. As your business grows, strain can be placed on your technology solutions meaning that the once realised benefits of your tech investment can disappear, leaving your business in the same position as before the technologies were introduced. When making decisions on how to [...]

The Malware Infecting Healthcare Organisations

Businesses within the healthcare sector are being warned about a malware group, dubbed OrangeWorm, which are targeting small numbers of organisations and the supply chains. The group was uncovered by researchers at Symantec, who realised that OrangeWorm were focussing on the healthcare sector, installing malware on the systems of businesses throughout Europe, Asia and the US. Whilst the healthcare sector appears to be the target of most attacks, manufacturing and technology firms who work with the health sector are also [...]

Securing the Supply Chain

That’s outsourced so it’s not our problem… right? Of course there are risks and benefits associated with both outsourcing and having functions conducted internally. These can vary from available expertise to cost or risk. However, many businesses make the mistake of thinking that by outsourcing something, the problems with that specific function simply disappear. Recently, a website belonging to the Finish Enterprise Agency was severely compromised by a third party organisation, which had been subcontracted to maintain and secure the website. [...]

Are you prepared for the next WannaCry?

WannaCry was a fairly recent and extremely high profile cyber-attack, which affected organisations across the UK, including the NHS.  The ransomware worked by locking files and systems on infected computers, demanding the payment of a ransom to unlock the victim’s files. It had been spread by multiple methods, including phishing emails and the exploitation of computers without up-to-date patching. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of ransomware attacks affecting businesses, with more than 700,000 ransomware attempts recorded [...]

Google marks website without an SSL as insecure

Beginning in July, Google Chrome (the world’s most popular web browser) will start to mark all websites as insecure if they do not have an SSL certificate. This means that your website will appear as “insecure” to people browsing your website, and it may even affect your SEO ranking. In an age where cyber-security is rife and consumers need reassurance that they are protected, having your website marked as insecure could have serious implications for your brand and overall business. You can check [...]

Eventura Becomes a 3CX Gold Partner

Eventura is proud to announce that it has recently achieved the 3CX Gold Partner status, showing the company’s commitment to partnering with industry leaders. In 2017, Eventura branched out to include 3CX unified communications products within its service portfolio and has since installed the solution both internally and at multiple customer sites. This partnership has allowed us to provide even more innovative technologies to our customers, helping to improve their businesses. About 3CX 3CX are an industry leading company, providing software-based PBX solutions [...]

Cyber security breaches the boundaries of the IT department

Over the past 30 years, businesses have adopted an increasing number of technologies to become more agile and meet the needs of customers. The majority of businesses are now reliant on technology to undertake day-to-day operations with servers, laptops, PCs and mobile devices almost being considered commodity items. These changes in the business landscape have also been met by an increasing number of cyber threats. As a result, the role of IT professionals in implementing and maintaining strong cyber security [...]