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What is NetSuite Warehouse Management?


October 27, 2022

NetSuite Warehouse Management is a tool for optimising your daily warehouse operations based on industry-leading best practices. With processes for pick and packing based on intelligent technology, along with cycle integration, handheld barcode scanning and complete integration with shipping systems, your warehouse will be run more efficiently with minimal handling costs.

NetSuite Warehouse Management helps the user carry out important tasks, covering everything from the receipt and storage of items to their picking and shipping, with superb efficiency at every turn. As the processing of items occurs in the warehouse, every transaction is updated automatically in NetSuite’s inventory record and then reported in real-time. Do away with manual processes to ensure you consistently meet customer expectations.


NetSuite Warehouse Management Benefits


  • Make inbound data capture easy with the deployment of barcode scanning with mobile devices.
  • Keep track of inventory from the moment it enters the warehouse to the moment it leaves.
  • Improve the efficiency of pick paths along with opportunistic multi-order picking.
  • Optimise the use of space and select the most appropriate storage with ease.
  • Minimise picking errors and inaccurate fulfilment with a comprehensive validation of data.


Receipt of Goods


Inbound logistics enable warehouse employees to coordinate and manage optimal transportation, receipt and storage of inventory using the NetSuite Warehouse Management system. By implementing the mobile app, users can ensure the receipt and storage of items happen efficiently.


  • With mobile receipts and predefined strategies for putting away, receipts of items will happen accurately and according to expectations. All relevant information will be captured and added to inventory records immediately to ensure the most efficient use of items.
  • Quality assurance means all items enter your warehouse as expected via a quality control process for inbound materials. Inbound inspection plans can be defined and you can establish the criteria for pass/fail, setting accountable parameters and determining what happens to failed items.
  • The mobile app enables inventory scanning upon receipt so that items immediately become visible to relevant NetSuite processes and resources.
  • Predefined inbound putaway strategies enable the software to provide suggestions for mobile operators regarding the most appropriate bins based on predetermined item attributes.
  • Purchase order receiving facilitates the swift and efficient processing of receiving outstanding purchase and transfer orders. Moreover, the management of return authorisation for items that come to your warehouse can be processed quickly.
  • Apply landed costs to complete shipments instead of individual item receipts.


Storage of Items


Your warehouse space needs to be used efficiently to maximise profitability. The importance of this increases as products are added to your portfolio and when seasonal peak times arrive.


  • Define warehouse zones to ensure items are stored in the most appropriate areas and provide adequate space upon the arrival of new shipments.
  • The warehouse layout can also be optimised via the identification of fast-moving inventory, which you store conveniently to enable warehouse pickers to access it easily when processing orders.
  • The NetSuite mobile app allows bin transfers and replenishments to be initiated along with the counting of cycles directly within the app.
  • Track items by bins for improved organisation of receiving and picking orders. Users can also receive, transfer and pick items within a location that doesn’t have bins, so it is great for small businesses and retailers.
  • NetSuite Smart Count: improve accuracy and efficiency with this inventory cycle counting solution that enables the automation of inventory counts without freezing the location’s transactions. Smart Count tracks transactions that occur while the count is taking place, alerting counters so that they can adjust their count accordingly.


Order Fulfilment


With features like assigning pick tasks and bin sequences and defining pick strategies, NetSuite Warehouse Management enables you to standardise and simplify these operations. Efficiency, therefore, increases while the occurrence of errors is reduced.


  • Wave release enables the identification of proper orders to be released to the warehouse for picking on the basis of certain criteria like expected ship date, customer, shipping method and more. This leads to substantial efficiency gains.
  • With pick strategies, NetSuite can identify the correct recommended item lots based on specific concepts. The app will guide pickers through the process of picking to ensure inventory is used precisely how you want it to be.
  • Pick path and zone picking for multi- and single-order picking for enhanced optimisation of the process. The system identifies opportunities for cluster picking so that the items for multiple orders can be picked all at once during fulfilment.
  • Pack Station provides additional intelligence. Identify picked items with the same shipping routes to pack them in the same shipment with custom carton labels and more, all through the kiosk device. This helps keep shipping costs and times down.
  • With cross-subsidiary fulfilment, you can fulfil orders from any location to optimise inventory use and delivery times. Leverage predefined rules for automatic assignment of fulfilment location based on business rules, location and availability of inventory.


Mobile Capabilities


NetSuite Warehouse Management has a powerful mobile app to enable all the tasks associated with daily operations to be carried out on a mobile device. This leads to efficiency gains, a decrease in human error and real-time, accurate visibility of information.


  • Keep data accurate using the mobile device to capture and store relevant data.
  • Enhance putaway functions with step-by-step processes to ensure items are stored where they need to be.
  • Increase the accuracy of picking by pointing users to the precise location of items and requiring the scanning of bins upon picking items.
  • Order fulfilment is optimised with force scanning which ensures accurate data capture validated against the initiating transaction. This means warehouse managers and customer service teams can monitor the status of sales and avoid costly picking errors.
  • View everything in real-time via the scanning of items throughout their journey through your warehouse.


What challenges does NetSuite Warehouse Management solve?


  • Data input errors: orders are received using the mobile app with item characteristics entered at the time of receipt.
  • Lack of visibility in the warehouse: view real-time quantities and statuses of items by bin location throughout the journey of goods through the warehouse.
  • Order picking redundancy: wave release and multi-order picking helps group similar orders so that multiple orders can be covered in a single pass of the warehouse.
  • Inefficient warehouse space allocation: your warehouse layout will be optimised by storing fast-moving products close to fulfilment centres and grouping similar items together.
  • Order picking errors: efficient workflows within the mobile app provide users with a step-by-step process for picking every order.


Why choose Eventura to deliver your NetSuite Project?


As an official NetSuite solution provider, we have successfully delivered countless NetSuite implementations and integrations. Our expert team of business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff can guide you through your entire project, from initial scoping through to implementation and on-going support.

We believe that NetSuite offers its customers a comprehensive suite of products that can digitally transform their businesses, replacing a range of disparate systems and softwares with one unified solution to business management.

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