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What is NetSuite SuiteCloud?

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July 20, 2022

NetSuite SuiteCloud is an integration and customisation platform incorporating extensibility features. The intention is to enable organisations to make NetSuite work for the specific model and ecosystem of their business. It is designed for use by IT professionals, application developers and business analysts with a wide range of skill sets.

The SuiteCloud platform provides a versatile, flexible set of unified solutions like JavaScript APIs, metadata-based extensions, access management tools, integration services and much more. These can be leveraged to customise, configure, integrate and extend all capabilities within the core product, and all customisations carry forward into new product releases to avoid version lock.


What are the key benefits of NetSuite SuiteCloud?


  • UX optimisation using drag-and-drop tools and potent script-driven customisations through API-level access to all data elements or resources.
  • Easy integration with any data source or external business system via RESTful web services.
  • Automation of business processes using visual workflow tools.
  • Leverage the latest JavaScript standards for business logic definition and the creation of powerful applications.
  • Work in almost any language with an experience that feels entirely local.


Unlimited Extensibility

SuiteCloud provides a diverse range of options for enhancing your suite to do more. It includes everything from business application development to no-code customisation, ensuring custom functionality can be added with minimum effort. Easily provide a UX that aligns with your unique business needs.


Disruption-free Change

The SuiteCloud architecture ensures that whenever you make changes and customisations to your NetSuite instance, everything is transparent and there is no disruption to production operations. Meet your compliance requirements with robust auditability controls.


Focus on Growth

The purpose of SuiteCloud is to empower companies to be as agile as possible. Gain competitive market advantage by responding to and driving change in the most efficient ways.


NetSuite SuiteCloud: Empowering Your Business


Other benefits of the platform include:

  • Avoid version lock: all your customisations will automatically carry over whenever a version upgrade happens, and there will be no need for modification.
  • Manage the software lifecycle: gain full control over your end-to-end application pipeline with the help of powerful automation. Everything from build through testing, to deployment and upgrades.
  • Standards-based integration: business-critical data can be exchanged at scale with cloud-native or existing on-premises applications using industry-standard interfaces like CSV, REST, .NET and ODBC.


Features of NetSuite SuiteCloud


SuiteCloud enables you to add custom functionality when and where you need it. This enables you to get maximum benefit from your investment in NetSuite across the entire ERP, human resource and commerce capabilities that are fundamental to the running of your business.



The platform provides visual point-and-click tools so that businesses can customise and enhance their NetSuite experience from how it works out of the box. You can work with the data in a way that works for you with custom records and forms, along with other user-facing components that can be aligned with your company goals.


Process Automation

Workflow-driven processes of all complexities can be created to streamline and automate certain business tasks. Easily take data entry processes out of your employees’ hands with step-by-step workflows using built-in actions like email sending or other custom actions. The visual interface makes it simple to create and edit workflow patterns and implement more advanced workflow logic using SuiteScript functions and APIs.



International businesses must support users in multiple countries by providing experiences that feel local in every language, currency and other country-specific attributes. SuiteCloud incorporates numerous internationalisation features to provide extensibility functionality for admins and developers to deploy things like record localisation context filters for scripts and events. Provide a flawless UX for users regardless of the country they are in.


Performance Monitoring

The interface delivers the ability to manage the performance of your customisations and identify areas for improvement with testing and monitoring tools. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) supports custom dashboards, interactive data visualisation and the power to analyse performance in individual scripts/pages to zero in on areas that require more fine-tuning.



With SuiteTalk, developers and admins have a set of flexible integration facilities to connect NetSuite to external applications and business systems via open industry standards. You can also consider NetSuite as a data source for external BI applications via SuiteAnalytics Connect. This supports JDBS, ODBC and .NET connectors, which can also be harnessed to integrate NetSuite with almost any big data architecture.


Platform Development

With its rich environment for operations personnel and developers, SuiteCloud enables the building and management of the lifecycle of custom objects and applications. You have the ability to enhance and extend the functionality of the core NetSuite product, making it suitable for a wide range of needs for both individual customers and entire industries.


Application Distribution

By supporting an active global ecosystem of applications and partners built for a range of customer needs, SuiteCloud provides a huge catalogue of custom applications via the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN). Head to the SuiteApp marketplace and explore and discover what is available to you.




It’s clear that NetSuite SuiteCloud offers businesses a hassle-free way to engineer their NetSuite business solution to their specific needs or preferences. Traditional ERP’s have historically been fairly rigid when it comes to customisation, often costing both time and money. NetSuite SuiteCloud circumnavigates this and allows businesses to build a bespoke solution that works for them, allowing them to remain agile and ahead of the pack at an increasingly competitive time for business.


Why choose Eventura to deliver your NetSuite Project?


As an official NetSuite partner, we have successfully delivered countless NetSuite implementations. Our expert team of business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff can guide you through your entire project, from initial scoping through to implementation and on-going support.

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