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What is NetSuite OpenAir?

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June 21, 2022

Oracle NetSuite is a highly reputable cloud-based business software solution for enterprise resource planning, and it helps create an online ecosystem for businesses to work in a more streamlined, automated way.

NetSuite OpenAir builds from the strong foundation of NetSuite to deliver a more connected professional services automation environment. It’s suitable for companies of all sizes thanks to its scalability and it flawlessly integrates with other ERP solutions and PSA software that companies currently use.

Using NetSuite OpenAir is perfect for all types of professional services organisations as it allows them to run core business functions and operations – such as project management, project accounting and billing – through a single, unified platform.


What is Professional Services Automation software (PSA)?


Professional services automation (PSA) software is an intelligently designed software solution that allows companies to bring multiple platforms together under one application. Things like project management, time tracking, resource planning and collaborative tools are all available through PSA software.

PSA software like NetSuite PSA is particularly suited for companies in the services industry who work throughout a project’s lifecycle to manage client interactions and engagement. This includes the initial stages of a project from when a sales opportunity is found, throughout the negotiation stages and even helps allocate resources to meet the various goals of a project. PSA software can even generate invoices for the completed work, creating a single ecosystem for an entire project.

For more detailed information about PSA software, you can read our informative article Professional Services Automation Software – Revolutionising The Service Industry.


What are the main product features of NetSuite OpenAir?


NetSuite OpenAir has been designed to offer a wide range of rich functionality and features to automate a number of professional services and solutions. Some of the main product features of NetSuite OpenAir have been outlined below:

  • Full integration with third-party software and solutions.
  • Reporting functionality for labour costs.
  • Mobile application integration.
  • Import and export functionality.
  • API for additional security.
  • Sales collaboration tools.
  • Data analytics.
  • Profile management based on skills.
  • Expenses and timesheet management.
  • Reporting and dashboard functionality.
  • Multi-organisation synchronisation.
  • Resource and project management tools.
  • Customer billing and invoicing tools.


Does NetSuite OpenAir integrate with my other NetSuite solutions?


One of the best features of NetSuite OpenAir is that it can seamlessly integrate with existing NetSuite solutions. This includes core platforms such as customer relationship management, human resources, enterprise resource planning and much more.

For front-office system integration, OpenAir ensures that data from sales teams makes its way to CRM systems automatically. For the back-office systems, OpenAir integrates data from the back office by integrating with a wide range of financial solutions. It also flawlessly integrates with NetSuite ERP solutions.


How can my service business benefit from NetSuite OpenAir?


NetSuite OpenAir is a tried and tested solution for services organisations to yield tangible results from data and integration. Resources are better utilised, projects run faster and projects are delivered more readily, all the while keeping IT costs to a minimum.

Operational costs and overheads are lowered and billing cycles are expedited to speed up how organisations function as a whole. Invoices are more accurate, revenue is monitored in a more streamlined way and you can glean more informed insights through the data, which helps you learn more about your business.

NetSuite OpenAir also helps mobile services organisations by providing them with instant access to solutions through the cloud. This means that users can work wherever and whenever they want, allowing for unparalleled mobility and freedom to work remotely.

If you’re a global services organisation, NetSuite OpenAir grants you real-time access to services pools from across the globe and automatically accounts for different tax requirements, currencies and subsidiaries.

Using NetSuite OpenAir makes it much easier to get the resources you need when you need them. This is true for all projects for a company, so regardless of geographical location users can invoice their efforts using the right currency and tax considerations all from a single, unified platform.


How can Eventura can help deliver your NetSuite project?


At Eventura, we ensure that your NetSuite project is delivered flawlessly thanks to our team of experts. We cover all the essentials with the help of our business analysts, consultants, technicians, developers and support professionals who understand the platform and how to deliver end-to-end on your NetSuite project.

We work closely with NetSuite and you to ensure that the end result perfectly suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for help with IT system infrastructure or ERP solutions, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Some of our popular services include:

  • Project specification.
  • Project management.
  • NetSuite migrations.
  • NetSuite onboarding and training.
  • Secure remote access.
  • NetSuite support.
  • NetSuite reporting.
  • Audits and review.

If you’d like to speak to one of our NetSuite experts about your business’s next project, you can request a free call back here.

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