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What is NetSuite Guided Learning and How Does It Work?

July 20, 2023

Oracle NetSuite has announced NetSuite Guided Learning. It is a new tool that will help customers get maximum value from the suite. It will provide step-by-step guidance embedded directly within NetSuite to help users learn about system features and functionality. It is to be made available to all licensed customers of NetSuite with the hope of reducing training needs for organisations while empowering them to take advantage of everything NetSuite can do.

David Rodman, Senior Vice President of customer success at NetSuite, made a few interesting statements. He noted the onus on businesses to “provide employees with continuous learning opportunities.” Much of this may be hard and expensive to come by, so Rodman has asserted NetSuite’s commitment to “expanding continuous learning support for…customers to help run their businesses better.” He said that the goal of NetSuite Guided Learning is to “offer customers immediate access to resources that allow employees to build their skills.”

Guided Learning is to be made available in 27 languages to all NetSuite customers within the next 12 months. This means it is definitely something to look out for as a current NetSuite user, as it will become an integral part of the platform upon arrival. And for businesses considering introducing NetSuite in the workplace, this new tool could be a valuable asset for successful implementation.


So what exactly is NetSuite Guided Learning?


NetSuite Guided Learning will be embedded directly in the NetSuite system. It will provide contextual guidance on completing key tasks for users on-the-go. There will be interactive, role-based process learning guides that enable users to do their jobs quickly and effectively. And it is right there, at your fingertips, whenever you need it.


NetSuite Guided Learning Benefits

There will be several key benefits of NetSuite Guided Learning. They will include:

  • Faster user adoption via role-based, in-app learning.
  • Global guides for specific tasks and features available right when they are needed.
  • Seamless integration between NetSuite MyLearn, SuiteAnswers and the NetSuite Support Community for maximum functionality.
  • Accelerated realisation of the full business value of NetSuite by empowering employees to use its features more effectively.


How does Netsuite Guided Learning work?

NetSuite Guided Learning will offer ongoing support to NetSuite customers. The training resources, aimed at facilitating accelerated adoption and skill enhancement, will include the following:

  • Role-based Guides: Introductory walkthroughs for specific roles to familiarise users with their dashboards and tabs.
  • Key Task Guidance: Training for key NetSuite features that exist to boost productivity and efficiency. These include personalised dashboards and shortcut creation within the software.
  • Progress Tracking: Your progress will be dynamically displayed and updated based on your activities in NetSuite. Employees can complete and revisit steps as required.
  • Visual Walk-throughs: Through a combination of step-by-step instructions and real-time visualisations, users will be directed through processes.
  • Step-by-step Guides: Easily learn workflows of key tasks through detailed yet intuitive instructions. These will take you through tasks to completion and you can even download the instructions separately for reference.
  • Access to Additional Support: If you want to take a deep dive into a certain topic, you have integrated access to NetSuite MyLearn, SuiteAnswers and the NetSuite Support Community.

With all these tools at their disposal, users will have a powerful arsenal to improve the ways that NetSuite works for them. It is an exciting prospect with lots of potential for the platform.


What challenges will be solved by NetSuite Guided Learning?


There are various challenges in the workplace that a system like NetSuite can bring. Businesses have long been working hard to overcome these challenges using a wide range of tools and resources. NetSuite Guided Learning is out to solve as many of these challenges as possible. It could help with:


Low Productivity

Employees will be able to develop and improve their skills and knowledge without ever having to leave the screen. This will enable faster deployment of skills and greater productivity on-the-go.


Slow System Adoption

When people are new to NetSuite, it can take a while before they become fully versed on how to do everything they need to get their job done. The new self-guided learning tools will decrease ramp-up time with the real-time access to self-guided learning resources.


Ineffective Training Practices

Traditionally, learning out of context is not the most efficient approach – people learn best when the lessons apply directly to work they are trying to complete. With NetSuite Guided Learning, users can access comprehensive training guides at the point of need, facilitating self-guided training in an effective way.


What You Need to Know About NetSuite


Oracle NetSuite has been helping organisations to grow, scale and adjust to shifting environments for over two decades. NetSuite is an integrated system that combines Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), inventory management, professional services automation, HR and omnichannel commerce. With more than 36,000 customers in 217 countries, it is one of the most important business management solutions on the market.

The introduction of this new feature could be a game-changer in terms of adoption of the platform. With such powerful guidance incorporated into the software, users will feel confident that they can get the full benefit of their investment in the shortest possible time frame.

If you want to learn more about NetSuite you can read our article What is NetSuite and how does it work?


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