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NetSuite SuiteSuccess – Zero-To-Cloud In 100 Days

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April 1, 2021

What is NetSuite?


NetSuite is a cloud-based business solution offered as Software-as-a-service (SaaS). They provide their NetSuite ERP to over 80,000 businesses globally and are the industry leader. All core business functions are housed together in one system, and they can be accessed from anywhere at any time because they exist in the cloud.

The solution is modular so businesses can tailor it to their needs. It’s a subscription service where companies pay annually or monthly per user. The solution’s cost depends on what modules you take and how many user licenses you require.

If you’d like to understand NetSuite in more depth, please read the article What is NetSuite and how does it work?


What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess?


SuiteSuccess is a type of NetSuite deployment which reduces the timescale of a typical implementation. It’s a staged approach that gives your business the tools to live in the cloud within 100 days. It has industry-specific packages, so your business nuances are catered for already. It also has predefined user roles, so your team members have the information and tools they need from day one.

NetSuite has delivered thousands of business solutions meaning that they know the different requirements needed across various industries and sectors. This wealth of knowledge has allowed them to create tailored packages that will already fit your business from day one. If your company does have some unique requirements, the solution can be adjusted to cater to them.


How does NetSuite SuiteSuccess work?


SuiteSuccess isn’t just software. It’s a methodical approach. It works on the principle of delivering your business solution in phases. Core business functionality is delivered first, getting you up and running faster. Traditional ERP deployments can take a year or more and often encounter costly delays. NetSuite SuiteSuccess deployments take on average 100-140 days.

The first phase is to establish core business processes, including financials, accounting and inventory management. Your team can get straight to work with personalised dashboards and user roles based on their business function. Processes and reporting will be pre-configured to your industry needs.

Once the core business functions are in place, it’s time to elevate into a period where additional functionality comes online, which differ from business-to-business dependent on priorities, people management or warehouse management.

The next phase is to expand the existing functionality. For a manufacturing company, as an example, this could involve introducing quality control. Again, each phase’s additional functionality will vary as designed during the planning process. It’s essential to understand all of your businesses processes and requirements and plan the project to prioritise them.

After expansion, it’s time to put your foot down and accelerate, driving the business forward at pace. An excellent example of this would be expansion into international markets. This phase is about putting the tools in place to grow quickly and not be held back by a lack of functionality or clunky processes.

The final phase of the project is to dominate. Sounds cool, right? This phase means equipping yourself with advanced tools that give you an advantage over your competitors. The project may involve delivering advanced technology like business AI (artificial intelligence) and could also include technological advancements in e-commerce or logistics.


Top 10 Benefits of NetSuite SuiteSuccess?


  • Faster to deliver (average 100-140 days).
  • Industry-specific functionality and reporting.
  • Predefined user roles with personalised dashboards & reporting.
  • The phased approach reduces deployment fatigue.
  • A cloud-based approach means business processes and data can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Costs less than traditional on-premise ERP systems.
  • A monthly subscription avoids high up-front costs.
  • Highly scalable due to its modular approach.
  • Cheaper to upgrade and maintain (all handled by NetSuite).
  • One single view of the entire business in one user-friendly solution.

There is no doubt that SuiteSuccess is an attractive proposition for businesses. Taking on a project to replace an existing and outdated ERP is daunting. Anyone who has been through the process knows how challenging and exhausting it can become. Sometimes, project deadlines can repeatedly slip with no significant or usable progress. Some projects are even scrapped as they turn into a tangled mess of incompatible systems and software.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess appears to be a solid solution for businesses who want a cloud-based ERP in a predictable, short timescale. The less time a company spends on these projects, the more time it has to grow the business. There are also cost savings in shortening the project timeframe too.

There is a noticeable cost saving of requiring less technical assistance during the project, but there is also an indirect saving. Lengthy projects consume your teams time and energy, damaging to revenue streams and profitability, as your people are less focused on the actual business.

NetSuite has been extremely clever in its approach with SuiteSuccess. They are using their knowledge of a wide range of industries to build industry-specific solutions. It means they can offer businesses an out-of-the-box ERP system that delivers quickly and cost-effectively.

Yes, your business might still have a unique requirement not catered for by the solution, but it’s easier to remedy that than to start from scratch, building out all of your needs.




What NetSuite has done with SuiteSuccess is build a strong product with a massive pull for businesses. Replacing ERP systems has historically been the stuff of nightmares. NetSuite, however, has streamlined the process. They allow companies to achieve a fully functioning, highly sophisticated cloud-based ERP system in a short space of time.


Why choose Eventura to deliver your NetSuite ERP Project?


As an official NetSuite solution provider, we have successfully delivered countless NetSuite implementations. Our expert team of business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff can guide you through your entire project, from initial scoping through to implementation and on-going support.

We believe that NetSuite offers its customers a comprehensive suite of products that can digitally transform their businesses, replacing a range of disparate systems and softwares with one unified solution to business management.

If you would like to speak to one of our NetSuite experts, you can request a free call back here.

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