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NetSuite Human Capital Management (SuitePeople)

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July 28, 2022

NetSuite SuitePeople integrates people data into every facet of the suite to facilitate greater control over HR processes. The software gives managers and HR professionals the capability to streamline employee information, recent hires, staff onboarding, performance measuring, promotions and changes to compensation in a centralised platform.

It also benefits employees with features like requesting time off, accessing directories, setting goals, monitoring annual leave schedules, viewing new hires and acknowledging good work from their peers. Integrate SuitePeople with NetSuite for:

  • Superb flexibility
  • Sophisticated security
  • Universal data
  • International reach
  • Unified access


SuitePeople HR


This solution is a powerful tool for managing the workforce. It equips NetSuite with a range of HR functions, removing a number of repetitive manual processes. This gives HR leaders greater scope for managing and maintaining records, accessing real-time people analytics and connecting HR data with other key business metrics.


Powerful Analytics


It can be hard to produce trustworthy people analytics because of a lack of structure. By centralising the data in NetSuite, HR leaders have immediate access to the data they need. The links between workforce performance and financial performance can be easily monitored and analysed.


Engaging Employees


SuitePeople reinvents the wheel with regards to employees consuming HR information. It considers the roles different individuals play and provides the exact tools and data they need, when they need it.

  • HR professionals can monitor everything they need from a single, personalised dashboard.
  • The Employee Centre enables staff to review things like time off, compensation, benefits and onboarding tasks.
  • Managers can easily do things like approve time off requests, initiate promotions and salary changes and review compensation histories.
  • Financial teams can access insights into the links between revenue downturns and vacancies in the sales team, among many other things.


Compensation and Acknowledgement


Staff rewards and recognition are important for retaining and motivating talent. With improved communication, employee satisfaction can be improved. Administrators can use SuitePeople HR to define and track compensation within employee records. They can do the same with benefits plans and support various types of bonuses like a referral, spot or merit. There are also facilities to give recognition to employees who perform well or reach certain milestones.


Centralised International HR Management


SuitePeople HR places all your global resources into a single system. This makes for accurate records and an easy way for employees to find one another. With flexible access controls and effective dating, HR professionals have a strong base on which to manage everything related to the workforce.


  • Employee profiles: Everything you need to know about an employee goes into their profile.
  • Employee directory: Give employees a tool to easily find a specific person and contact them whilst providing a means of navigating the company and understanding the role of individuals and teams in its structure.
  • Employee timeline: This is a visual map of an employee’s history and development, complete with effective dates.
  • Managing jobs: You can easily create job requisitions, complete with job descriptions, families and salary levels/hourly rates to help visualise career paths and attract new talent effectively.

    Managing the Workforce


    With SuitePeople HR, the Workforce Management resource makes common processes more efficient:


    • Onboarding: Create checklists and templates to make turnover less of a problem with a structured onboarding procedure.
    • Managing time off: Produce custom time off plans that suit your company policy. Things like eligibility, entitlement and more can be factored in, and employees and managers can plan vacation time more effectively.
    • Offboarding: Ensure all the steps relating to offboarding are completed before the termination date.

      Integrating with NetSuite SuiteSuccess


      The challenges of workforce management are many. SuiteSuccess for SuitePeople HR takes a comprehensive approach to adopting the product to meet those challenges. This means faster time to value, greater flexibility, increased efficiency and improved customer success. Make the most of your NetSuite investment in the shortest time with real business benefits.


      SuitePeople Performance Management


      A performance-based culture must be cultivated, and it is not an easy task. One key challenge is to keep employees engaged and productive. With SuitePeople Performance Management, the performance review process is entirely centralised. This improves efficiency and helps keep employees engaged as goals are created, progress is monitored and achievements are acknowledged.


      Managing Goals


      Employee goals are fundamental to improving performance. SuitePeople enables the creation of goals that are relevant to an employee’s performance metrics and meaningful to the company. A list of industry-specific performance metrics is provided alongside the ability to set goals manually. Progress can be automatically measured and updated via data from other NetSuite applications.

      Discussions and decisions can be tracked and integrated into performance reviews. All learnings and achievements can be captured whilst managers reflect on outcomes to provide more timely feedback to employees.


      Performance Reviews


      Many organisations regard performance reviews as an obligation rather than a valued process to improve individual performance. Often, they happen just once a year and are based on managers manually collecting data.

      SuitePeople makes the performance review process more efficient and simpler. Review templates define things like instructions and rating scales. The goals for the period in question are pulled into the review and progress can be tracked by running reports using the data collected within NetSuite.




      With SuitePeople, NetSuite has offered businesses a way to manage their HR functions in a more streamlined and centralised way. Not only does this benefit businesses in terms of employee motivation, productivity and retention, but it also benefits employees who receive a greater sense of value and worth.


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