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NetSuite for Manufacturing

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October 12, 2022

With NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing, you get a single integrated cloud-based system to replace the disparate systems many manufacturers currently use. It is comprehensive in its functionality, designed specifically to assist manufacturers of every size in increasing revenue, reducing operating costs and gaining greater control over their general business and supply chain processes.

The NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing module is built on the native NetSuite ERP, ensuring connectivity between manufacturing processes and inventory management, financial reports and outstanding orders, all in real-time.


NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing Benefits at a Glance


  • Reduced ‘cost to produce’.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Rapid time to value.
  • Enhancements in quality and service across the board.
  • A unified, centralised solution.
  • Variance management.
  • Manufacturing data and intelligence.
  • Integrate Plant-to-Enterpise (P2E)


NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing


NetSuite’s manufacturing solution is powerful and vertically integrated to empower manufacturers to boost profitability in their business from Order-to-Cash right through Build-to-Ship. With sophisticated planning and scheduling capabilities, NetSuite enables you to optimise shop floor planning and improve both the capacity and utilisation of resources, lowering operating costs overall.


Functions for Batch/Process Manufacturers

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing has an expansive Manufacturing Work Bench Record Structure which includes detailed work instructions for managing recipes/formulations along with alternate assets.

There is also support for FIFO material issuance for both bulk lot controlled items and raw ones, as well as Batch Travelers with automated Batch Lot ID for complete lot track traceability and enhanced control over material issuance. Manufacturing Operations Management and MES are fully supported, and it is available for NetSuite OneWorld customers.


Functions for Discrete/Assembly Manufacturers

Discrete/assembly manufacturers can run core business operations via deep industry functionality like parameterised configuration by things like configurable work order completion logic, location or enhanced data collections. The manufacturing workbench record includes a wide range of features, including primary and alternate finite planning parameters and enhanced operations routings.

With a vast range of additional features like Rough-Cut Capacity Planning and extended Work Order Release capabilities, all these functions are also available for batch/process manufacturers as well.


Mobile Capabilities


NetSuite has a native mobile feature that supports integrated wireless tablet capability and barcode scanning for real-time reporting relating to the Manufacturing Execution System. This helps with data entry, work order completion, downtime reports and material issuance, as well as logging labour or machine hours.

The Advanced Manufacturing Admin Console enables you to customise settings to make NetSuite work in the best possible way for your needs.




There are three options available to help you deploy the NetSuite Manufacturing module to meet your manufacturing needs:


  • Work Orders & Assemblies: this is ideal when you have a light assembly with no need to track work in process or labour separately.
  • WIP & Routings: gain the ability to define routings and work centres, track labour costs and gain infinite capacity scheduling. You get a Gantt chart with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Advanced Manufacturing: provides complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing processes, including finite capacity scheduling and manufacturing execution.


Please note you can upgrade seamlessly from one edition to the next.


Product Features of NetSuite Manufacturing


Order Management

NetSuite Intelligent Order Management is designed to meet the ever-complex needs of meeting customer expectations and dealing with supply chains. You can optimise inventory to hand, keep shipping costs to a minimum and deliver an improved customer experience by viewing real-time data and leveraging sophisticated automation. Everything is centralised with integrated order-to-cash processes and smart workflows for pricing, discounting and approval routing.


Planning and Scheduling

Scheduling can be very challenging and NetSuite provides a real-time scheduling function with great flexibility and intuitive controls, offering both infinite and finite capacity scheduling. You will be able to balance supply and demand with the right inventory when it is needed. The different visualisation options enable you a perspective of all forthcoming work orders when and how you want, and you can observe production in real-time once scheduling is complete.


Supply Chain

NetSuite provides a worldwide view of inventory, no matter the production location, giving you control over your outsourced production as if it were being done in-house. This includes vendor location management, real-time inventory visibility and complete distribution requirement planning functions for planning across multiple locations.



Product-based businesses are at the heart of NetSuite. There are many native features available like blanket purchase orders, requests for quotes and purchase contracts with the goal of ensuring the correct materials/items are available when and where they are needed. There are also tools to improve monitoring of spending and simplify goods and services requests, with a real-time perspective across all operations.


Shop Floor Control

Planning and scheduling tools can be time-consuming to use, but it is just as important to record the when, what, where, how and why of product manufacturing. NetSuite makes this data quick and easy to gather to help with future scheduling.

You can also deploy the tablet application to get updates in real time from the shop floor. This provides an interactive queue of work for current and upcoming scheduled operations, featuring an intuitive layout for ease of use even in inhospitable manufacturing environments.


Quality Management

NetSuite keeps overheads to a minimum whilst facilitating maximum quality throughout your products. Generate inspection plans with pass and fail criteria, and collect and monitor results as they are recorded. It is possible to reduce costs whilst improving quality, and NetSuite makes it easier than ever.


CRM and Marketing

The most successful companies are those that adapt to the needs of their customers. Replacing manual workflows with smart automation where possible can provide valuable boosts in responsiveness and efficiency.

NetSuite CRM equips you with powerful capabilities in a centralised cloud solution. You will get automation for marketing and sales force as well as management tools for customer support and service. NetSuite CRM also boasts robust sales performance management, with seamless integration of partner and order management with the NetSuite eCommerce and ERP solutions. A complete snapshot of sales ensures you can effectively plan operations on your shop floor and make improvements to forecasting where necessary.


Why choose Eventura to deliver your NetSuite ERP Project?


As an official NetSuite solution provider, we have successfully delivered countless NetSuite implementations. Our expert team of business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff can guide you through your entire project, from initial scoping through to implementation and on-going support.

We believe that NetSuite offers its customers a comprehensive suite of products that can digitally transform their businesses, replacing a range of disparate systems and softwares with one unified solution to business management.

If you would like to speak to one of our NetSuite experts, you can request a free call back here.

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