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NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NetSuite offers powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality and is a best-in-class cloud-based tool allowing businesses to deliver a comprehensive, real-time view of their customers. NetSuite CRM delivers a seamless flow of information covering the full customer lifecycle:

  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Sales Order
  • Fulfilment
  • Renewal
  • Upsell and Cross-sell
  • Customer Support

It offers traditional CRM functions like sales force automation, marketing automation and customer service management. But it also delivers things like order management, quotes, sales forecasting, commissions and integrations with eCommerce.




Benefits at a Glance


  • Lead-to-cash processes are streamlined
  • Productivity is enhanced throughout the organisation with a holistic view of customers
  • Sales performance is boosted through commission management, forecasting, upsell and much more
  • Global sales and services organisations can be managed




Connect the CRM solution with NetSuite’s eCommerce software to create a unified system of records for customers, transactions and other activities. Every online interaction with prospects and customers will be tracked and analysed.

The effectiveness of sales teams will be improved by the provision of enhanced visibility into the products and services people browse. And the customer experience will be greatly improved by the leveraging of real-time data integrations between eCommerce and CRM.


Sales Forecasting and Quote Management


Make predictability, reliability and trust integral to the sales process.

  • Users can categorise transaction forecast types to identify appropriate quotes, opportunities and estimates.
  • Utilise forecasting based on probabilities with adjustable weight measurement for opportunities, quotes and orders that are pending.
  • Analyse confirmed sales and projections of recurring revenue in both forecasts and variances.


Sales Force Automation


Your sales teams will be equipped with real-time access to records for customers, prospects, opportunities and orders. They will be empowered to manage opportunities across status, key contacts, revenue, notes and relevant documents.

Sales managers will be provided with a 360-degree view of all opportunities and leads in the pipeline. Detailed records will be captured as interactions occur and opportunities will be converted into quotes and sales orders.


Marketing Automation


Your multi-channel marketing campaigns can be run on autopilot to align with sales strategies. The value of opportunities can be maximised with rapid responses, and you can automate lead capture from search engines, websites, direct mail and events.

Promotional and/or automated email marketing campaigns can be built and sent and you can support upsell marketing on the basis of a customer’s purchasing history.


Reporting and Analytics


With the power to create and manage real-time dashboards, you can generate role-based reports to marketing, sales and service teams. Continuous sales performance can be measured with custom key performance indicators pertinent to your business. Sales goals can be accessed, such as the achieved versus quota, sales pipeline by stage and actual versus sales forecast.

Customer service metrics can be monitored on an ongoing basis. Keep an eye on customer satisfaction levels, call resolution times, call volumes, subscription renewals and trends in cases. And marketing benchmarks can be closely examined to evaluate success in things like lead-to-close metrics, lead generation trends, quantity of unique website visitors and customer acquisition costs.


Upsell, Quote and Order Management


Conversions of quotes into approved sales orders is easier than ever, and you can process automatically with back-end financials. This means you can recommend products based on smart upsell management and analysis of buying patterns.

The accuracy of quotes and orders can be improved with the inclusion of automated tax and shipping rate calculations, along with rules for pricing and discounts. And order management can be streamlined with automated workflows and online approval.


Customer Service and Support


The customer service center will be equipped with a holistic view of each customer to assist in their interactions. Case management processes can be automated for assignment and escalation and you can track support cases in accordance with product, case type, issue, customer or partner. Online self-service can be delivered with case submissions, communications and status tracking.


Partner Relationship Management


Gain full control over every element of partnering. Manage all leads, joint marketing, order and commissions and the sales pipeline. Partners can register to be able to manage and track their leads and you get complete visibility into their sales forecasts alongside your own.




All that real-time business information can be accessed on mobile devices with an internet connection:

  • Enter, update and view key data relating to customers and sales.
  • Submit timesheets and expenses using simple snap and attach receipts.
  • Manage your everyday activities, along with tasks and calls, straight from your smartphone or tablet.




The successful company of the 21st century must be adaptable to the needs of customers. Automation improves responsiveness and removes human error from the equation. NetSuite CRM provides a single cloud solution packed with powerful capabilities that benefit businesses and, more importantly, their customers.

All these capabilities can be seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite ERP and eCommerce solution for a unified, centralised system.


Why choose Eventura to deliver your NetSuite Project?


As an official NetSuite solution provider, we have successfully delivered countless NetSuite implementations. Our expert team of business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff can guide you through your entire project, from initial scoping through to implementation and on-going support.

If you would like to speak to one of our NetSuite experts, you can request a free call back here.

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