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NetSuite B2B Ecommerce (SuiteCommerce Advanced)

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NetSuite offers a B2B ecommerce solution called SuiteCommerce. It gives B2B sellers the ability to create sites aimed at engaging business buyers, save time and maximise buying efforts. In a single platform, you will be able to manage online stores, distributors, in-house sales, manufacturers, channel partners and brick-and-mortar locations.

When you use SuiteCommerce, NetSuite natively unifies with your web store along with inventory management, ERP and CRM. This equips you with a single source of data to optimise the customer experience, streamline operations, manage suppliers and stock more efficiently, expedite fulfillment and enhance customer service.


Simplify things for your B2B buyers


The functions include converting online quotes to sales orders. You can also pay invoices and monitor order status and account balances. The result is that business accounts can maximise their buying efforts while cutting down on manual work.

You will be able to create rich customer profiles by leveraging a centralised base of customer data from every channel and touchpoint. NetSuite has been involved in thousands of ecommerce deployments, so it can be integrated into your operations in 30 days or less to enable you to start taking advantage of the power of SuiteCommerce.


What are the benefits of NetSuite B2B ecommerce?


  • A unified platform: No longer will you need to develop integrations between disparate systems. With NetSuite, you get natively unified ecommerce, inventory and order management, POS, support and financials.
  • Streamlined billing: It will be simple to check account balances, view invoices and go over transaction histories, and payments against invoices are easy to process.
  • Simplified quotes and orders: Buyers will be able to swiftly convert a quote into a sales order. You also get the benefits of grid ordering and volume discounts can be applied automatically.
  • Customisation without development: New site features and functions can be easily added without the need for a developer, thanks to superb native and third-party extensions.
  • Improve sales: The online self-service tools enable a reduction in sales and support requests, so sales representatives will have more time to focus on driving more sales.


What are the key features of NetSuite B2B ecommerce?


SuiteCommerce is loaded with capabilities designed for B2B ecommerce sites. It’s developed to solve the unique challenges that B2B sellers must tackle daily.



There are many prebuilt, mobile-optimised themes to use that enable your site design to match your brand perfectly. Shoppers will have no problem finding, exploring and purchasing your products with a rich set of features like alternative images, saved shopping carts, product comparisons and list creation.

Features like powerful site search and faceted navigation means shoppers will have no problem locating the products they need. They will also enjoy the intelligent product recommendations for smart upsells and cross-sells.



Speed up your billing process with automation that gives buyers the ability to review and manage their payments online. Business accounts can be assigned their own negotiated prices, along with terms and credit limits, and you can offer diverse payment methods like ACH processing and invoice billing.



Provide the tools to make online purchasing simple, like repeat, routine and bulk ordering. Connect supply and sales through integrations with vendors, distributors and manufacturers in a single, centralised platform. This way, online orders will automatically generate invoices with workflow management steps like approval, fulfillment and billing.


Restricted access

Limit the exposure of your wholesale catalogue to approved buyers. New wholesale accounts requests can be qualified with the establishment of automated checkpoints so that new registrations are held until they are approved.


Account management

Help business buyers with their efficiency by offering direct access to things like account balances, credit memos and deposits. Promote self service for returns so shoppers can initiate the online return process. Clients will be more engaged and satisfied with the ability to submit queries to your customer support. They can also have full access to their order histories so that they can reorder items they purchased before.


Site management

With user-friendly drag-and-drop site management tools, you can enhance existing pages, add landing pages and manage all the content on your website with ease. Work on the changes you want then schedule when they go live or publish them instantly. All revisions can be tracked and audited.


Reporting and analytics

Ecommerce dashboards, key performance indicators and predefined reports are all available to help drive sales and boost performance. Monitor every aspect of your website performance in real-time. This enables insights into the activities of all shoppers so that you can create customer profiles to optimise your marketing activities.


Cart and checkout

Allow shoppers to complete orders easily as both a guest and a registered user. Offer options like credit cards, gift card payments and promotional codes. Everything is completely secure, with HTTPS implementation, the inclusion of common payment gateways and multifaceted fraud protection.


The Power of NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced


  • Unique and enhanced customer experiences
  • Smart order orchestration
  • Complete visibility of customer activity
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Business agility
  • A unified commerce platform
  • Visible KPIs for informed decision-making


The Advanced Modules of NetSuite SuiteCommerce


  • Ecommerce management
  • Point of sale
  • Order management
  • Product content management
  • SuiteCommerce CRM
  • Site builder


What challenges are solved by NetSuite B2B ecommerce?


There are various challenges that this powerful platform tackles. For a start, you can eliminate tedious quoting procedures by allowing buyers to submit quote requests that are easily converted into online orders. Manual billing processes are also bypassed as business accounts can pay their purchase orders and invoices online.

You won’t need to worry about delays with order processing as centralised order management means orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently with maximum customer satisfaction. Poor customer service will no longer be an issue as customers have the power to submit support queries directly to your customer support team.

Time spent on routine tasks will be massively reduced thanks to smart automation features, freeing up your teams to focus on more profitable tasks.


How much does NetSuite B2B ecommerce cost?


The move to NetSuite is available for companies of all sizes. An annual license fee is paid, which is made up of:

  • The core platform
  • Optional modules
  • The number of users

You must also pay a one-time implementation fee to cover the initial setup. The solution is infinitely scalable, so you only pay for the features you need.


Why choose Eventura to deliver your NetSuite project?


As an official NetSuite partner, we have successfully delivered countless NetSuite implementations. Our expert team of business analysts, developers, consultants, technicians and support staff can guide you through your entire project, from initial scoping through to implementation and on-going support.

If you would like to speak to one of our NetSuite experts, you can request a free call back here.

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