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How To Choose A NetSuite Solution Provider – Top Tips and Advice

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September 26, 2023

NetSuite is one of the world’s most widely-adopted, cloud-based ERP software solutions. It is an efficient, standardised approach to enterprise resource planning, connecting all the disparate arms of your business via a single, centralised database. The advantages of this include leveraging automation to streamline operations, creating a single point of truth for all data sources and allowing real-time insights into your operations.

Deploying such a system in your organisation can be challenging. This is where the input of a good NetSuite partner can make a big difference. With their assistance and expertise, your ERP system can be optimised not only for your industry, but for your specific business or organisation. So the key is to find a good NetSuite Solution Provider, and this article will tell you what to look for.

What makes a good NetSuite implementation partner?

All NetSuite partners should have a comprehensive understanding of the solution and they should be approved partners with certifications from Oracle that demonstrate their status. But the best NetSuite solution providers offer a lot more than that. Here are some things to look for in a partner.

They Help Clients Asses Total Cost of Ownership and ROI

NetSuite generally comes with an indication of the cost for the first year of running the system. But you will also need to factor in costs related to running data migrations and application integrations. This is an area where the NetSuite partner should be able to help, as the cost fluctuations can be varied.

Look for a NetSuite solution provider that forecasts the likely ERP ROI and assesses the total cost of ownership for you. This is a sign that they are transparent and meticulous, looking for opportunities to minimise your costs and maximise your returns. Many experienced NetSuite partners will already have pricing and solution templates to make these processes simpler to implement.

They Get to Know Your Business

The standardised versions of NetSuite can be good for businesses that have already been through an ERP implementation. But a good NetSuite implementation partner will take a more nurturing approach, establishing relationships with business and IT stakeholders within your business. They will come and meet you, discussing things like:

  • Current concerns.
  • Business goals.
  • Existing workflows.

These things will help the NetSuite partner understand what prompted you to take an interest in NetSuite. They may even carry out their own predetermined assessment to create a road map for getting you where you want to be.

A good combination of virtual and in-person consultations can help inspire trust and work efficiently. This can cover things like design, deployment, training and follow-ups in flexible ways. NetSuite usually handles the entire process remotely, which is why working with a solution provider is advantageous from the outset.

Good communication is key. Look for partners who regularly gather feedback from users and stakeholders in order to understand key nuances in your business.

They Handle Customisations, Integrations and Data migration

Some of the most complex facets of ERP implementation are data migrations and integrations with other business systems. But these are also crucial to the success of your deployment, so a great deal of technical decisions must be made. This work must align with your business requirements, and you may not have the personnel to handle it effectively.

Your NetSuite solutions provider should be able to customise the system in any way you need. As a managed IT services provider, this is something we can help with. We offer a broad range of IT services and can bring a diverse skill set to the table for any NetSuite implementation. Leave it to us to handle:

  • Custom coding of the software.
  • Data migrations.
  • An array of system integrations.

We will scope these in the initial business assessment to ensure you get a fully-functional and tailored version of NetSuite for your organisation.

They Train You and Your Staff

Some businesses are so keen to begin using their new NetSuite implementation that they ignore the importance of training. A good NetSuite implementation partner will deliver comprehensive training to all users and stakeholders whose workflows will take place within the new system. They will offer guidance, answer questions and ensure everyone fully embraces the new adoption and its intricacies for maximum benefit.

NetSuite training needs to be distraction-free and involve everyone affected by the new deployment. Your NetSuite partner should help you arrange and coordinate the training to ensure your teams are ready to make full use of the new tools at their disposal.

They Evaluate the Success of the NetSuite Implementation

Finally, your NetSuite consultants should assess the current state of the system against the desired state of your workflows and activities. This begins at the outset, but continual monitoring ensures the implementation is moving towards the appropriate outcomes, with defined steps to accomplish your objectives. They will identify critical success factors very early on, so everyone is on the same page about KPIs and metrics for the deployment.

Once the project reaches its end, your NetSuite partner should work with you to sign off on what has been achieved. They will then help you define and pursue objectives for the future, and remain available for consulting and support for as long as you need those things.

So how do I find the right NetSuite implementation partner?

The only way to proceed is to start searching and make a shortlist of potential partners that meet the criteria listed here. We are a certified NetSuite Solution Provider and Managed IT Service Provider with a reputation for delivering successful projects with our clients. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and aim to exceed expectations, ticking off every feature in the above list and more. Feel free to read one of our most recent NetSuite Case Studies.

Add us to your shortlist and chat with us about your goals. We urge you to speak to several different candidates for your potential NetSuite solution provider so that you can make comparisons and come to a decision about which is the best fit. Finding the right partner is crucial to your success, so approach this stage of the journey with care.

If you would like to speak with one of our NetSuite consultants, you can request a free call back here.

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