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How can enterprise systems help construction companies to become more efficient?

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June 19, 2018

Traditionally, the construction industry has relied on the manual completion of tasks and disjointed systems, which has led to a lack of visibility across the organisation. A well designed, implemented and supported enterprise system can help businesses to overcome these obstacles, increasing efficiency and streamlining business processes.

Five benefits of an enterprise system for construction companies are:

Real Time Data

A well designed, fully integrated enterprise system ensures that all data is up to date. This is essential for all parts of the organisation and allows for more accurate, faster decision making. Some systems will allow project costs to be tracked in real time, giving control over budgets and resources.

Access anytime, anywhere

With workers and contractors across multiple sites, it is important that crucial projects and business information can be accessed from anywhere. Cloud based systems make it easy for employees working away from the office to access data when they need it the most. This allows potential issues to be identified early, before they lead to project delays and increased costs.

Reduced Risk of Errors

With a fully integrated business system that is easily accessible, there is no need for data to be duplicated. There is less chance of human error, leading to more accurate information.

Meet legislative requirements with ease

Many enterprise systems can be developed to help construction companies meet their business and legislative requirements. One example would be the integration of a CIS module, allowing tasks such as online subcontractor verification, CIS submissions and production of payment certificates to be made with ease.

Boost productivity, attracting talent

For the younger generation of tech-savvy employees, the flexible working that cloud based enterprise systems provides can help to attract talent. In addition, these systems enable employees to spend more time on tasks that will help the business to grow and less time surfing through duplicated data and waiting on information from other departments.

Fully integrated, complete enterprise systems such as Sage 200 provide benefits to the entire organisation. Eventura can tailor systems to suit the requirements of construction businesses, simplifying tasks and maximising investment. For more information about the solutions we have available, please contact us.

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