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Does NetSuite integrate with Salesforce?

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June 14, 2022

In the software-as-a-service (SaaS) world, Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce CRM are names that you can’t help but frequently come across. Between them, these providers of cloud-based software have enabled thousands of businesses to streamline their processes for more efficient, cost-effective performance.

Both platforms are very powerful in their own right, but their power becomes even greater when you use them together. That’s why it’s important to find the right tools to integrate NetSuite and Salesforce for a potent, singular package that is the best of both worlds.


What is NetSuite?


NetSuite is often regarded as the original cloud computing software company. Its modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform is one of the business world’s most popular cloud-based software applications. More than 28,000 companies in over 200 countries use it.

NetSuite ERP helps businesses manage a wide range of disparate running operations in a single, centralised place. This means things like:

  • Accounting and billing
  • Human resources
  • Supply chain management

Bringing them all together provides a more holistic view of the business and simplifies operations. The benefits include enhanced real-time business insights, reduced operational costs, streamlined collaboration between different teams, greater scalability and power automation tools to improve speed and accuracy.

Along with its ERP platform, NetSuite has expanded to include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality, Professional Services Automation (PSA) and eCommerce.


What is Salesforce/Salesforce CRM?


Salesforce is another of the oldest cloud based software companies. It is known as the foremost provider of CRM solutions, with a 24% market share that dominates the sector. With Salesforce CRM at your disposal, you get:

  • A central storage location for all customer data
  • Ability to track customer interactions across all channels
  • Automation and optimisation of sales and marketing processes to capture and convert more leads
  • Simpler collaboration throughout your business
  • Swifter, data-driven decision-making

The appeal of the Salesforce CRM revolves around its power to help businesses manage their customer relationships efficiently and productively.


NetSuite CRM Vs Salesforce CRM


NetSuite has its own CRM component that is recognised as a robust and solid CRM solution. It has not reached the dizzying highs of the dedicated Salesforce platform, but it includes rich functionality with automation for sales and marketing as well as excellent customer service features.

Many organisations will find that NetSuite CRM serves their needs well. But if you really want to offer maximum value for your customers, Salesforce integrations are the way to go. Salesforce is truly the dominant force in the world of CRM solutions. It is the most popular and highly rated system out there, and for good reason. As a top-rated cloud-based solution, it is always bringing in innovative new features.

That said, NetSuite is a solution that can really deliver. Both options bring sophisticated tools and resources to streamline processes relating to customer relationship management. In a nutshell, there are many advantages to choosing Salesforce, NetSuite or a combination of both.


Benefits of integrating NetSuite with Salesforce


You can get the best of both worlds by integrating the NetSuite ERP with Salesforce CRM. The benefits of doing this are many:


Enhanced alignment and productivity

Alignment is crucial for a thriving business. With NetSuite and Salesforce integrations, data can flow freely in both directions between the two tools. This means far less manual work when it comes to updating information.


Greater accuracy of data

Reliable data is the foundation of developing good business strategies. The powerful automation features of NetSuite can be integrated into Salesforce using custom objects to synchronise records. This means all companies, sales orders, invoices and items will be instantly updated in Salesforce, facilitating accurate data across the board.


Comprehensive financial visibility

The native reporting capabilities of Salesforce are strong. Users can create dashboards and reports on data for valuable insights. When you integrate NetSuite, your forecasting and data-tracking capabilities are enhanced further. Human error will be taken out of the equation and everything will be processed quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on strategizing and offering the best possible service to your customers.


Ways of integrating NetSuite with Salesforce


When you make the decision to integrate NetSuite and Salesforce, you need to look for the best possible data integration solution. There are many options to consider, so it is important to find the one that is best suited to your organisation.

Factors to consider include ease of configuration, implementation and use. Solutions that require no programming may be the easiest to implement. Or you could work with a partner that can handle all the programming for you to create a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Your journey starts with defining the data integration needs of your company. This will help you get a picture of what type of integration method will be best. Assess whether an existing template for integration would work for you, or whether a bespoke solution might be better. Consider your budget and find the help you need to move forward.


How Eventura can help you integrate NetSuite with Salesforce


Eventura are specialists in everything to do with Oracle NetSuite. We can handle things like project management, NetSuite migrations, training and support, audits and more, and integrations with Salesforce are something we do regularly.

We can offer a pre-set template integration or a bespoke integration designed specifically for your needs. Our expertise in the industry is second to none and we deliver projects to the agreed specification, on time and within budget.

If you would like to speak to one of our NetSuite specialists, you can request a free call back.

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