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Why Should You Choose Eventura To Help With Your NetSuite Project?

Official NetSuite Solution Providers with three UK offices located in the South (Milton Keynes), North West (Bolton) and North of England (Stockton-on-Tees), and with a European office located in Malta. As NetSuite Partners we are highly capable of being able to deliver your NetSuite project, train your people and support your business.

Our team of NetSuite business analysts, consultants, developers, technicians and support teams are all highly experienced and capable of providing all of the end-to-end assistance you need wherever it’s needed.

We work closely with NetSuite to deliver their software globally, in whatever configuration suits you, your teams and your business. From NetSuite financials to NetSuite ERP, and even your IT systems too, we are here to support your business through the scoping, implementation and ongoing usage of your new NetSuite business solution.

We also have NetSuite solutions for specific sectors including: Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution, Fashion and Construction. Here is a summary of the NetSuite-related services that we regularly undertake:

NetSuite Project Specification

If your project is a new NetSuite installation, our business analysts and consultants help you correctly specify, document and understand your choices. Because we are also a Managed IT Services company, we can help you identify your whole project, not just the NetSuite product.

NetSuite Project Management

We are highly experienced NetSuite project managers. Our skilled project management team meticulously plan and successfully deliver correctly specified, documented, planned and implemented projects, on-time and on-budget every week.

NetSuite Migrations

We not only take care of all the software and data elements but can provide all technical, security, compliance and training elements too. We have performed migrations that are all cloud-based, many that include International access and considerations and migrations that include local, regional and IT planning, taking into account physical warehouse and point-of-sale.

NetSuite Training

We make sure your users at all levels receive the training they need to make the most of your NetSuite solution. This means that they can perform their jobs quickly, efficiently and without frustration so that you get the best return on investment and increase in productivity from your new NetSuite solution. Sometimes training can also help inform where to place more emphasis on support, development or integration in the future.

NetSuite Secure Remote Access

We regularly cloud-enable businesses at all levels and perform end-to-end Digital Transformations. As an accomplished and award- winning Managed IT Services company, we can ensure that your team has access to NetSuite and any of your systems wherever they need them. We can do this in a secure and compliant manner and can also advise on all your Cyber-Security requirements.

NetSuite Support

When investing in a business system, it’s important that the delivery isn’t the end of your project. Our project, roll-out, support and management teams are tightly integrated. Proper hand-offs occur, and they continue to work together and talk to each other all the time. The same attention to detail is provided to our clients after delivery and moving forward, as they experience during a project’s conception and delivery phases.

NetSuite Reporting

We can support the business and department heads and all its teams to be able to get easy access to the on-demand Business Intelligence they need to be able to guide and manage their teams to success. We can help deliver business-critical time-sensitive information into groups by leveraging dashboards, notifications and reports. Accessible securely on a range of desktop and mobile devices, we can ensure that the right information is available wherever it’s needed, whether it be in your office, warehouse, factory or even in the field.

NetSuite Audits and Review

If you have a problem or think something should work differently, our experience can help. We can perform an audit for you and provide advice on your situation and what your onward options are. An audit doesn’t need to be for a negative reason. We regularly perform audits for many varied reasons, such as security audits, functionality audits, compliance audits, and sometimes to be able to advise on ways to improve processes or efficiency. Sometimes to help clients understand what else they could do in other areas of their businesses.

“Engaging with Eventura to deliver our NetSuite ERP project is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We were able to quickly move from a costly, stalled and failing project, to a huge success. We now have impetus, fuelled by business acumen, product knowledge and a desire to succeed. Thank you.”

Sam Greaves – Managing Director, Cleenol

“We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eventura.”

Lisa Bolton – Finance Manager – BHL

“Eventura are customer focused and informative; they listened to our challenges before offering a solution that delivered to our needs.”

Martin McQuaid – Director, DH Welton

“Eventura are experienced guys and, yes, they’ve got knowledge of IT, but they also really know what they’re talking about business-wise. We really do feel as though they’re part of our business.”


NetSuite ERP – Download the Ultimate ERP Guide

If you’re considering implementing ERP in your business, you will know that there is a lot to consider. With this in mind, we have created the ultimate guide to ERP selection and implementation to answer all of the questions you might have.

Make The Most Of NetSuite

If you would like to speak to a NetSuite specialist about a new or existing NetSuite installation or NetSuite support, please feel free to get in touch, and we will try our very best to help.

Make The Most Of NetSuite

If you would like to speak to a NetSuite specialist about a new or existing Sage installation or NetSuite support, please feel free to get in touch, and we will try our very best to help.

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