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In the modern world business never stops, meaning that the workforce needs access to business information and a reliable suite of applications 24/7. 

Microsoft Office 365 makes this possible.

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Benefits of our solution

Microsoft Office 365 brings a number of key features and benefits for businesses of all size and industry.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we have years of experience in implementing and supporting businesses with Microsoft Office 365 projects. 

Increase efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your business operations with a range of Microsoft Offices apps, online storage and sharing

Improve collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues, sharing ideas, thoughts and plans on the go, with the use of flexible tools designed for the modern business 

Simple to use

 Easy to use applications to help your workforce become more productive


Safeguard your data 

Micrsoft Office 365 provides a number of built in provacy and compliance tools that help to protect your business and data from external threats

Scalable as you grow 

Simple to scale as your business grows, ensuring that your entire team can stay connected

Access anywhere, at any time

Cloud based Microsoft Office 365 applications allow you to access important documents and communicate with colleagues from anywhere, at any time

 Additional layer of support

As an Eventura customer, you will benefit from an additional layer of support with your solution. We are a Microsoft Gold partner, and recently won the “Best IT Support” award in the Talk of Manchester business awards. 

Microsoft News

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