Managed Service Desk

Managed Service Desk

Our centralised, Managed Service Desk is designed to restore service to our customers quickly in the event of technical difficulties, for minimal business disruption.

The unique ticket logging system allows incidents and service requests to be logged easily via phone, email or a self-service portal and the progress can then be viewed in real time online. Defined service level agreements (SLAs) mean that you know when to expect your incident or service request to be resolved.

This sophisticated system allows for a speedy resolution to any problems, in accordance with the impact they are having on your business. You can get on with your day, whilst our managed service desk team take care of your technology.

All of our operations are structured around ITIL principles. Ticket tracking, defined service level agreements, reporting on contract usage and knowledgebase all come as standard practice. We can provide support for your entire business, or work alongside your existing IT support team to provide expertise and additional capacity. This service is available on demand, or as a monthly contract, which allows you to tailor our service to your business requirements.

What can Managed Service Desk include?

  • Event Management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • IT endpoint and server management
  • Backup and availability management
  • Access management
  • Network management
  • 3rd party liaison and issue escalation

Event Management

Event management is the foundation of the Managed Service Desk offering.

Flexible alerting, combined with a web-based dashboard allows you to see exactly what is happening with your systems. This information allows for a speedy resolution to problems, which may not even be apparent to the end user when first detected.

Our selected software, “Advanced Monitoring Agent” makes this service possible by allowing us to see what is happening wherever we are, wherever you are and wherever your systems are.