Software piracy & SAM audit

Software piracy is a huge problem throughout the UK and the entire world. Not only does it cost the entire IT industry money, it damages the reputation of organisations and puts users at risk from inferior quality and potentially dangerous software.

The purchase and use of counterfeit software is a violation of the law and the intellectual property rights of the author. Further to this, you are opening your devices to a number of security threats and potential serious damage. It is common for counterfeit software to be purchased online, which provides further security risks such as the theft of card details and the software is also likely to be defective or dangerous.

In order to ensure that your device is not put at risk from bogus software, it is necessary to ensure that you purchase your software from a reputable, legitimate reseller. Both online and offline, software piracy is a crime that should be taken seriously by all organisations.

Sellers of pirate software may think that they are covering their tracks sufficiently but there are clues left behind and Microsoft are on a mission to expose them and take legal action. Microsoft have never been afraid to name and shame and prosecute the culprits.

Fortunately Eventura can help you stay legally covered with our Software Asset Management (SAM) audit, expert IT consultancy and solution implementation. We can take the stress of worrying about software piracy from clients before it becomes an issue with either Microsoft or the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST).

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More information on piracy can be found at the Microsoft website.

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