IT support System Care

This IT support offering builds upon the On Demand service with the addition of software that monitors your servers and clients for a myriad of different support issues including antivirus state, back-up success and update requirements.

Our software monitors servers every 15 minutes and clients every 24 hours. When these reports are received from clients and servers, Eventura will take action against any issues whilst remaining within an agreed number of hours. Any time spent above the agreed, contracted hours to resolve an issue will be charged ay Eventura standard rates.

We will also install award winning, low footprint antivirus software which, unlike many of our competitors’ options will be charged on a monthly basis. This allows for flexibility and the expenditure to be spread throughout the financial year.

24x7 monitoring will:

  • Check that your server is up and running.
  • Check that you can connect to the internet.
  • Check any or all of your Windows® Services, vital components of your server’s operating system. Services provide, well, vital services that allow you to logon to your network, access the internet, even print your work.
  • Ping various network devices or remote offices that you need to do your work.
  • Check TCP ports on your network, on other networks or at your ISP. If any of these ports are failing to respond, you may be unable to connect and do your job.
  • Check disk space to ensure it is below a set threshold.
  • Check RAID devices to ensure that all disks are functioning correctly and data is safe.
  • Check your website to ensure it’s up and running and serving your customers.
  • Check other devices using SNMP.

Ad-Hoc IT services

On top of the System Care IT support, Eventura are able to offer a range of ad-hoc services to clients including onsite network infrastructure, special training, website services and hosting, communication lines, out of hours work, spare parts and consumables which are chargeable at Eventura standard rates.