IT Support On Demand

This service is designed for clients that do not require a great deal of IT support but wish to call upon Eventura expertise on a time and materials basis when required.

The On Demand service begins with the completion of a comprehensive network and security audit in order to understand the current systems and make clients aware of any recommended improvements.

If you wish to go ahead with the On Demand service, the audit is followed by a rectification of faults on your system and the production of full systems documentation.

One of our experts will then install secure, remote access software which will enable us to access your systems should you face any difficulties. At any time that you require our services you are able to call the Eventura support team and one of our experienced and professional team members will deal with your request as soon as possible.

The On Demand service is charged on a time and materials basis, at our standard rates. This includes the rectification of faults and production of comprehensive systems documentation.

Through being able to call upon Eventura services when required, clients receive peace of mind that they are supported whenever they experience IT issues. Business IT systems have become increasingly important and for many organisations, without IT, the business would fail to operate.

Eventura understand that you require a professional service with quick response time and ensure that we provide the best possible IT support service. Contact us today in order to discuss your requirements.