Pro-active IT support

Eventura has a three support packages, each providing a tailor made solution to suit your business requirements. Our pro-active approach allows you to work with minimal disruption in the event of an issue.

On Demand

This service is designed for clients that do not require a great deal of IT support but wish to call upon Eventura expertise on a time and materials basis when required.


This IT support offering builds upon the On Demand service with the addition of software that monitors your servers and clients for a myriad of different support issues.


Where technology is critical to your day to day business operations. That's why selecting the right IT partner is one of the most important business decisions you'll make.

Eventura has been providing exceptional IT Support services across the North West for over ten years. Our team of dedicated support technicians receive consistent training to ensure that your problems are resolved as quickly as possible. We are committed to high levels of customer service, with a support team that genuinely care about your business and employees.

Our passion for high quality customer service and tailored solutions has led to the development of our three base support packages: On Demand, SystemCare and TechCare. Each of these base packages are tailored to suit your specific business requirements, ensuring a solution that helps your business to be as efficient as possible. 

Each of our IT support offerings help to ensure that your workflow continues with minimal disruption. We believe in providing proactive resolution to the clients that require it, our processes and technologies allow issues to be resolved, even before you become aware of them.