Disaster recovery & Business continuity planning

Eventura assist organisations in continuing operations even in the event of a disaster. Can you afford to not be prepared?

An effective business continuity plan is essential for every organisation, helping to ensure that key services are readily available in case of any event that can seriously disrupt business operations. The risk of potential disruptions to business is expanding, with unpredictable weather becoming more frequent and the increasing threat of terrorism.

Eventura is able to provide the essential resilience to best protect your organisation by preparing, testing, developing and implementing plans to ensure continual operations in the event of a disaster.

Disaster recovery vs Business continuity planning

There is a significant difference between disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Which would be the best solution for your organisation?

Disaster recovery (DR)

These technical plans collectively help to formulate the business continuity plan. Developed for specific groups within an organisation, disaster recovery plans allow particular business applications to be recovered. IT disaster recovery plans simply deliver the application to the employees but it is then up to the business to have plans for other functions.

Business continuity planning (BCP)

A business continuity plan encompasses the processes of an organisation to ensure that all business functions continue to operate during and following a disaster. The business continuity plan protects the mission critical services of an organisation to give them the best chance of survival. This planning allows the business operations to be re-established as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Planning for a disaster means your business can continue! Learn how...