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Should your business outsource IT?

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December 12, 2019

Deliberating whether to outsource your IT can be an agonising process. Of course, there are many benefits of each option. Here are 5 of the reasons why we think your business should consider outsourcing some if not all of your IT.


1.     Free up time for your internal IT department

Most people think that you have to make a choice – either partner with an outsourced Managed IT Service Provider or hire an internal IT Department. In reality, a combination of the two ensures that your business has the best of both worlds – someone who understands the business from the inside, and someone external that can provide an often required objective view and a variety of additional skills.

Sometimes, the internal IT department is so busy with fighting fires, they are unable to complete necessary proactive tasks. This means that corners are often cut, putting your data, employees and business at risk.

Partnering with a trusted Managed IT Services provider allows internal IT teams to either continue supporting your employees and fighting fires, or focus on bigger essential projects, whilst the Managed IT Service provider fills the resource gap with IT Support, or provides a sometimes essential escalation point.


2.     Deliver a variety of technical expertise for a (surprisingly) low cost

Managed IT Service providers have an array of technical expertise, with employees constantly being trained in the latest and greatest technologies, whilst supporting businesses across a range of industries.

Sometimes, business owners think that Managed IT Service providers are expensive, compared to hiring an apprentice IT technician or an IT Manager. However, true Managed IT Service providers offer a range of solutions, that can be implemented independently of each other and selected based on the requirements of the customer.

This flexibility allows organisations to have access to a range of technical expertise and the other benefits of an MSP, without a massive bill for solutions that aren’t either used or required.


3.     Impartial recommendations of how to improve your business

When you have been in an organisation for a long time, it can become difficult to make decisions objectively. A Managed IT Services provider offers an impartial outlook on your IT, and ways in which your business can be improved through the use of technology.


4.     Help to ensure your business is secure from cyber criminals

With limited resources and much of their time taken up supporting employees, internal IT departments often don’t have opportunity to undertake training relating to specific areas of technology, including cyber security. With an ever-evolving threat landscape, cyber security is one of the greatest threats to modern day business.

Managed IT Service providers often have a dedicated cyber security team, with current skills and experience in protecting businesses against cybercrime. Able to work alongside an internal team, a Managed IT Service provider allows your team to continue supporting employees and ensures your data and business is suitably protected.


5.     Defined service levels to meet your business needs

Managed IT Service providers often provide customers with defined Service Level Agreements. This sets expectations from the outset, ensuring that the speed of service your receive matches the needs of your business.


There are many more reasons to look at outsourcing elements, if not all of your business IT. Of course, every business is different and what will suit one organisation, won’t necessarily suit another.

If you would like to discuss your options or learn more about partnering with a Managed IT Services Provider, simply get in touch and one of our team would be happy to help.

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