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Preparing for Windows 7 End of Life

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August 20, 2019

It is almost time to say goodbye to Windows 7, as Microsoft have announced that they will not provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7 after the 14th January 2020.

Having launched in 2009, Windows 7 has been a popular solution for 10 years. Recent reports have suggested that a staggering 39% of PCs still run Windows 7. This means that there are many businesses and individuals that should be considering an upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft’s most recently released operating system.

After the 14th January 2020, you will still be able to use Windows 7, but you will not receive updates and patches or support should you face issues. Just because you can use it, it doesn’t mean that you should. By not upgrading to Windows 10, you are leaving your systems at risk from new cyber threats.


How can you prepare?


  • Upgrade your system – Our first recommendation would be to upgrade your system before the 14th January 2020, so your system does not become vulnerable due to lack of operating system updates and patches. The natural progression would be to upgrade to Windows 10, but there are other options.


  • Backup – Regardless of operating system, you should ensure that your files and business applications are suitably backed up, so that they can be restored should there be any issues with the upgrade.


If you decide to continue using Windows 7, which we strongly do not recommend you should also ensure that your documents and applications are suitably backed up. As you will be more prone to cyber-attacks, having your files and apps backed up will mean they can be restored later, should you fall victim to a cyber-attack.


Throwing a spanner in the works…

If you run a business still using Windows 7, there is an option to purchase additional extended support following the 14th January 2020 deadline.

Support for Windows Enterprise users, still using Windows 7 following the 14th January 2020, comes at a cost of approximately £20 PER DEVICE for year 1, £40 PER DEVICE for year 2 and £80 PER DEVICE for year 3. After this date, businesses should have upgraded operating system or risk the vulnerabilities that out of date operating systems bring. (Prices are even higher for Windows 7 Pro users).


We would strongly recommend upgrading your operating system over the purchase of additional extended support. For more information or assistance with this project, please contact us.

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