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Network Security

Supercharge Your Business

In an increasingly competitive world, businesses with a high-performance, end-to-end networking solution are giving themselves a huge advantage. Business critical applications, software and communications are made available round the clock, driving productivity and business agility. Too often infrastructure can hold a business back when it should be driving a business towards its goals. A resilient and well designed network solution can be a real catalyst for business growth and success.

Why Eventura?

Eventura has been providing robust business solutions, best-in-class IT infrastructure, and industry leading managed networks and network security for over 20 years. Our experienced team can review your existing infrastructure, and recommend improvements that will have game-changing results for your business. We can help put the technical foundations in place to help you succeed.



Agility Made Easy

With the increasing unpredictability across almost all industries, agility and the ability to move quickly are more important than ever. By letting us implement and manage a streamlined and reliable networking solution, your business can operate and adapt at pace. This kind of agility is essential for growth in the quick changing business landscape experienced by all in recent times.

Security And Stability As Standard

Our managed networks are monitored around the clock, ensuring your business infrastructure is being maintained even when you’re sleeping. They are consistently optimised for maximum speed and performance, and robust cybersecurity is in place to prevent potentially damaging cyber threats.

Witness Productivity Soar

A managed network from us will increase efficiencies across the board. Your people will have continual access to business critical applications, allowing them to carry out their roles without the frustration of downtime, whilst also eliminating the costs associated with downtime. We aim to complete all routine maintenance at a time that doesn’t affect your operations, keeping you moving forwards at all times.

Sleep Sound

Sleep sound knowing our end-to-end networking solutions are up to the job. A high-performance networking solution is a big part of digital transformation, and by implementing one you can future proof your business for whatever comes its way. Don’t let your business infrastructure be a worry, choose a managed network solution from us and supercharge your business.

“Eventura are customer focused and informative; they listened to our challenges before offering a solution that delivered to our needs.”

Martin McQuaid – Director, DH Welton

“Eventura are experienced guys and, yes, they’ve got knowledge of IT, but they also really know what they’re talking about business-wise. We really do feel as though they’re part of our business.”


“We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eventura.”

Lisa Bolton – Finance Manager – BHL

Start Your Digital Transformation Today

We want to be your trusted technical partner, working together to achieve success with a tailored business system, improved processes and managed IT services.

Start Your Digital Transformation Today

We want to be your trusted technical partner, working together to achieve success with a tailored business system, improved processes and managed IT services.

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