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Cloud Hosting

Work Without Limits

Redefine your business by harnessing the power of cloud technology.

Gain a competitive edge and increase your agility in unpredictable times. Access your business systems and data around the clock, from anywhere and on any device. Empower your people to drive your business forward without limits.

Why Eventura?

We have been cloud-enabling businesses since the technology was in its infancy, helping them streamline their operations, increase efficiencies and reduce costs. We provide cloud hosting and cloud business solutions for large organisations, and through our expertise we can do the same for your business. By working with us, you can revolutionise how your business operates and enjoy the extensive benefits cloud technology has to offer.

Worry Free Maintenance

Our expert team constantly monitors and optimises our cloud hosting platforms. This means you’ll benefit from robust security, minimal downtime, optimum speed and access from anywhere at any time. With no on-premise hardware to purchase, maintain and run, you can also enjoy significant cost savings.

Scales With Your Business

Unlike traditional hosting, cloud hosting offers unlimited scalability at speed. You can add more resource quickly and cost-effectively as your business grows, without the need to upgrade hardware like servers. The scalability of cloud hosting ensures your business remains agile and ready for whatever is around the corner.

Drive Productivity & Collaboration

With round the clock access and unrivalled connectivity, employees in different departments and locations can collaborate and communicate with ease. Business data can be accessed in real-time from anywhere, offering a 360-degree view of your business from which strategic decisions can be made. Through increased productivity and efficiencies, sit back and watch profitability improve.

Drive Costs Down

Cloud hosting offers flexible monthly payments based on the resource you require, and there are no upfront costs for the purchase and maintenance of on-premise hardware. And with business processing running efficiently in the cloud, you’ll likely find other cost savings to be capitalised on across your business.

“Eventura are customer focused and informative; they listened to our challenges before offering a solution that delivered to our needs.”

Martin McQuaid – Director, DH Welton

“Eventura are experienced guys and, yes, they’ve got knowledge of IT, but they also really know what they’re talking about business-wise. We really do feel as though they’re part of our business.”


“We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eventura.”

Lisa Bolton – Finance Manager – BHL

Start Your Digital Transformation Today

We want to be your trusted technical partner, working together to achieve success with a tailored business system, improved processes and managed IT services.

Start Your Digital Transformation Today

We want to be your trusted technical partner, working together to achieve success with a tailored business system, improved processes and managed IT services.

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