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Backup &  Recovery

Insuring Your Business Systems

Your systems and data are the lifeblood of your business.

 As such, it’s imperative you protect them from disasters and critical events. Failing to do so could render your business non-functional and be financially costly. Backup and recovery should be a key policy in your business. See it as an insurance policy, so no matter what comes your way your business is protected. Fires, floods and cyber attacks are all common ways your business could lose access to systems and data, but by implementing robust backup and recovery policies and procedures your business can keep going.

Why Eventura?

Eventura has been providing robust business solutions, industry-leading IT infrastructure, and best-in-class backup and recovery for over 20 years. Our skilled team can help you with your backup and recovery policy and implement solutions that will allow you to regain access to your business data and systems should any unforeseen events occur.

Keep Things Moving

If an unforeseen event prevents you from accessing your software and data, your business will likely grind to a standstill, costing you valuable time and money. With a strong backup and recovery procedure in place, your business can be back up and running in no time, minimising the negative impact caused by disaster events and the downtime associated with them.

Reduce Potential Costs

The cost of implementing backup and recovery is insignificant when compared with the cost of losing your business data and access to your systems. Not only could you lose customer and transaction data, the potential downtime could also be very costly. If sensitive data like personal information is lost or stolen, you may also find yourself facing legal consequences and fines.

Protect Your Brand Reputation

Brand and reputation are everything to a business. They’re what sets you apart from your competitors and keeps your customers coming back. When customer data is lost, corrupted or stolen, it ultimately looks bad on your brand. Your customers put trust in you as a business to protect their sensitive data at all costs, and backup and recovery is a big part of this. If you lose access to your systems and experience downtime, it’s also your customers who will suffer. Put the measures in place to protect your reputation.


Relax Knowing You’re Compliant

By having a reliable backup and recovery solution in place, you can achieve peace of mind that your business can continue to operate in the unfortunate event that backup and recovery need to be called upon. Not only will your business continue to operate, you can also rest assured that your brand and reputation don’t suffer along with avoiding fines due to non-compliance.

“Eventura are customer focused and informative; they listened to our challenges before offering a solution that delivered to our needs.”

Martin McQuaid – Director, DH Welton

“Eventura are experienced guys and, yes, they’ve got knowledge of IT, but they also really know what they’re talking about business-wise. We really do feel as though they’re part of our business.”


“We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eventura.”

Lisa Bolton – Finance Manager – BHL

Start Your Digital Transformation Today

We want to be your trusted technical partner, working together to achieve success with a tailored business system, improved processes and managed IT services.

Start Your Digital Transformation Today

We want to be your trusted technical partner, working together to achieve success with a tailored business system, improved processes and managed IT services.

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