Draycir Addons

Draycir solutions integrate with many business systems, including Sage 50 and Sage 200.

Eventura partner with Draycir to help businesses develop their ERP solution so that it meets their exact business requirements. The solutions offered by Draycir are designed specifically to reduce workloads and streamline credit control and document management processes.

As an accredited Sage Developer, we have the development capability to advise of and integrate third party solutions with Sage software.

Document Distribution

Spindle Document Distribution is the Draycir solution that can be integrated with Sage 50 Accounts. It is a simple to use and affordable document management that helps to streamline business processes. Features of the solution include:

  • Batch document distribution of invoices, statements, remittance advices, purchase orders etc.
  • Sends documents electronically via email, or to print for posting.
  • Emails can be delivered directly from the user’s mailbox without having to send individual emails from the user’s Drafts folder in Outlook.
  • Sender’s email address can be customised to ensure emails are sent from a central email address, for example accounts@company.com.
  • Apply the appropriate company stationery to documents and HTML email message template based on analysis code, standard or custom field information held against the account.
  • Automatically archive documents to a specified network location.
  • PDF password protection to protect sensitive information.

Document Management

Spindle Document Management is the Sage 200 integration product offering from Draycir that provides total control of documents. All outgoing documents are sent to the recipient, streamlining business processes whilst incoming documents are captured and instantly accessible in Sage 200, reducing workload and reducing the risk of human error. Features of the solution include:

  • Send documents in batches, or individually, via email or to print for sending by post.
  • Scan and import documents straight into Sage 200.
  • Documents are linked to accounts/transactions in Sage 200.
  • Capture documents with your mobile device. Available for iOS and Android devices.