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Why an outdated defence is nearly as bad as no defence

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August 19, 2019

Failure to update devices leaves loopholes in IT infrastructure, which means the risk of falling victim to cybercrime is significantly higher.

Do you remember in 2017, when one specific strain of ransomware affected systems in over 150 countries and hundreds of organisations?

Well, this ransomware exploited a vulnerability in windows operating system. An update had been released earlier in 2017, and provided protection for the businesses that had applied the update to all of their devices. However, there were many businesses that hadn’t taken the time to update devices. Many of these businesses fell victim to the ransomware – experiencing damage to their business and its reputation.

It’s sad that it sometimes takes such a catastrophic incident for businesses to realise that updates and the implementation of basic cyber security measures really are THIS important.

Of course, there is no such thing as 100% secure, but most Managed IT Service providers are able to ensure that all of your devices are up to date and providing the best level of protection.

By setting aside a short period of time for updates to be undertaken, you could be saving your business from days, weeks and months of trying to restore operations following an attack – because you could have stopped an attack from being successful!

As an Eventura customer, we can help you to ensure updates are completed to help protect your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your individual business requirements.

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