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The Malware Infecting Healthcare Organisations

May 15, 2018

Businesses within the healthcare sector are being warned about a malware group, dubbed OrangeWorm, which are targeting small numbers of organisations and the supply chains.

The group was uncovered by researchers at Symantec, who realised that OrangeWorm were focussing on the healthcare sector, installing malware on the systems of businesses throughout Europe, Asia and the US. Whilst the healthcare sector appears to be the target of most attacks, manufacturing and technology firms who work with the health sector are also prime targets.

The malware has been found on MRI machines and X-Ray machines, as well as the systems on which patients fill out forms. However, the malware does not appear to be harvesting personal details but instead looks to be learning about the devices.

Technology news website ZDNet, have covered the story in detail.

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