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The Benefits of Using Managed IT Services

Whether you are an IT professional or a business executive, there are various advantages to outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). With managed IT, you get the industry knowledge, dedication and expertise of a complete IT department focused entirely on delivering your core business. You will be able to focus and expand on your core competencies, relying on your MSP to help with things like.


  • IT Support
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Managed Phones
  • Managed Microsoft 365
  • Email Security
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Managed Printers
  • Connectivity


Ultimately, the efficacy of your business will be increased, helping boost your competitiveness with the advantages of managed services. Here are some of those advantages.


1. Future-proofing With the Most Up-to-date Technology


A good Managed Service Provider uses the latest equipment and technology to deliver their services. This means there will be constant upgrades to the IT service at no additional cost to you, so you never need to worry that your managed IT services will become obsolete.


2. A Versatile and Highly-responsive Service


MSP for IT can be very versatile and flexible. With a pay-as-you-go payment plan, there is scope for swift expansion where necessary as well as cost reductions when you need them. Align these provisions directly with need for minimal waste and maximum readiness. Everything can be delivered quickly, so when you need a fast response then a good MSP will have all the resources, infrastructure and market access to make that happen for you.


3. Affordability


When you personally invest in specialist software and hardware, the costs are high. With MSP, you get premium enterprise and carrier-grade solutions for a fixed monthly payment. This way, you know exactly what you are getting and how much it is going to cost, with no unexpected charges or changes to the pricing.


4. A Robust, Secure Infrastructure


The data centres and managed network infrastructure of MSPs are more resilient than any standard Enterprise IT service. You get 24/7, year-round management using government-approved security processes and almost complete uptime. This means lost productivity is kept to an absolute minimum at all times.


5. Converged Services


Numerous managed IT services can be delivered as part of a single ‘converged’ connection, saving you money on infrastructure. Additional efficiency and productivity benefits come from the fact that remote staff get access to all the data and voice applications available to staff at HQ.


6. A Centralised Solution


A managed network offers the benefit of centralising all applications and servers in a managed data centre. The result is improvements in performance from staff, regardless of where they are located. With access to centralised data centres in a network, you can improve access to virtual services along with backup and storage infrastructure.


7. Unparalleled Expertise


Managed IT services provide you with staff that have specialist skill sets. Some of these skills may only be required once, so you don’t have to go through the expense of training staff in skills that they are never likely to use. With a tight labour market, it can be difficult – and expensive – to find and retain skilled staff when you need to fill roles in-house. With access to the expertise of a team at an MSP, you fill that gap as their team becomes your team.


8. Business Continuity


MSPs have data centres and networks designed to remain available and resilient for the purpose of maintaining business continuity through thick and thin. This technological investment is there for the taking if you want it, ensuring your data remains safe and voice services continue to be delivered even if a disaster occurs and your main office is down.


9. Boosted Service Levels


MSPs facilitate enhanced control over service levels and performance. You can be confident of continuity of service with service level agreements in place and round-the-clock support at your disposal. A good MSP will also be working to partner effectively with clients, analysing strategy and making recommendations on system tweaks and new technologies with the goal of driving more value and improved performance.


10. Green Benefits


With centralised business systems, you take advantage of power-efficient data centres. Your applications are run on a virtual platform, enabling your business to work towards a more sustainable future where carbon footprints and costs are reduced. You also put yourself in a strong position to capitalise on emerging technologies early, providing ongoing opportunities to trim overheads and advance eco credentials.


11. Data Compliance Support


Many businesses have strict requirements and standards imposed on them in their IT initiatives. These can include things relating to privacy and accountability, and it is extremely important that you stay on top of your compliance obligations at all times.

MSPs can provide the tools you need to keep up with data compliance so you can feel confident that you are doing everything you need to do.


12. Support with Cyber Security


If you work with an MSP with a strong record in cyber security, you can reduce the risk of problems associated with customer data storage and the use of other sensitive information like credit card details. Your MSP can help you put security strategies in place to ensure you are keeping up with the latest security standards.


13. A Single Point of Contact for Vendors


When you have a list of vendors for all your IT-related equipment, it can get complicated and extensive. Managed Service Providers can handle those hardware and software vendors on your behalf, saving you from those complicated technical conversations whilst ensuring you get the best rates for equipment and software.


Finding the Right Managed IT Service Provider


It can be very appealing to hand over IT responsibility to an MSP. There are benefits to be experienced right across the board. But the quality of the provision you get really depends on the provider, so it is not a decision that should be made lightly.

If you have managed services on your radar, be sure to carry out the due diligence on who to partner with. Have extensive conversations with providers, view their data centres, speak to their customers and take advantage of trial periods. You may be outsourcing your technology, but it is still you that is ultimately responsible for the success of this partnership.


Why choose Eventura as your Managed IT Service Provider?


Eventura has been providing managed IT services to countless customers for 20 years. Our talented team of people can help you identify all your businesses IT needs and engineer bespoke IT solutions that have real-world benefits to your business.

We are also NetSuite Solution Providers and Sage 200 Business Partners, offering game-changing ERP solutions crafted to automate and streamline business processes.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts, you can request a free call back here.

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