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July 9, 2018

Beginning this month, Google Chrome (the world’s most popular web browser) will start to mark all websites as insecure if they do not have an SSL certificate. This means that your website will appear as “insecure” to people browsing your website and your SEO ranking may even be affected.

Not having an SSL certificate can have widespread implications for your business, particularly if you process payments through your website. As consumers become more aware of cyber security issues, many will no longer trust websites that do not have an SSL certificate and when websites are registered as insecure by the web browser, the level of trust is set to decline further.

By having an SSL certificate for your website, you will also benefit from the encryption of sensitive information, providing an additional layer of security for your web visitors. In addition, SSL certificates help to protect your business from cyber-crime by making it more difficult for cyber criminals to exploit weaknesses in your network.

SSL certificates are a low cost, high value product, which helps to maintain trust with your customers by providing them and your business with an additional layer of security.

How to know if you already have an SSL…

You can check whether you already have an SSL certificate by using the guide below.

If your website URL appears like this:

https:// www. YOURCOMPANYURL .com

Your website DOES have an SSL certificate

If your website URL appears like this:

http:// www. YOURCOMPANYURL .com

Your website DOES NOT have an SSL certificate

Need help?

Eventura have a dedicated team which is able to help businesses in purchasing and applying SSL certificates to their website, as well as providing ongoing website and security maintenance. If you would like help with your solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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