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Google marks website without an SSL as insecure

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April 19, 2018

Beginning in July, Google Chrome (the world’s most popular web browser) will start to mark all websites as insecure if they do not have an SSL certificate.

This means that your website will appear as “insecure” to people browsing your website, and it may even affect your SEO ranking. In an age where cyber-security is rife and consumers need reassurance that they are protected, having your website marked as insecure could have serious implications for your brand and overall business.

You can check whether you have an SSL certificate using the guide below:

If your website has https:// at the beginning of the URL, then you DO have an SSL certificate.

If you website has http:// at the beginning of the URL, then you DO NOT have an SSL certificate.

In cases where your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, you may wish to consider the following benefits of having one:

  • SSL certificates are relatively low cost, meaning you can protect your brand and business even on a budget
  • Encrypts sensitive information, adding security for your web visitors
  • Provides protection from cyber-crime, making it more difficult for them to exploit weaknesses in your network
  • Builds trust and brand confidence, as users can easily identify that their information is transmitted securely

Eventura highly recommend that all businesses with a website purchase an SSL certificate. For more information about them or how we can help with web services, simply contact us.

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