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Cyber security breaches the boundaries of the IT department

Over the past 30 years, businesses have adopted an increasing number of technologies to become more agile and meet the needs of customers. The majority of businesses are now reliant on technology to undertake day-to-day operations with servers, laptops, PCs and mobile devices almost being considered commodity items.

These changes in the business landscape have also been met by an increasing number of cyber threats. As a result, the role of IT professionals in implementing and maintaining strong cyber security measures has become increasingly complex. The role of cyber security has breached the boundaries of the IT department and is now, or at least should be, a concern of the entire business. Following high-profile cyber-attacks such as WannaCry, Directors and Business Owners have begun to realise that a successful cyber-attack on their organisation could have massive implications on business performance, reputation and the bottom line.

This is why businesses need to update their long-term cyber security strategy, to mitigate business risks. Security solutions no longer restrict business operations and in many cases they can represent the heart of innovation, a new company culture, a different outlook for business.

IT security often accelerates the speed of service, assists in ensuring compliance with legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and much more. Providers that are able to gather security data and leverage it within the business are able to improve cyber-threat visibility and mitigate business risks.

It is hard to imagine that cyber security will cease to be a prominent business threat any time soon, it is more likely that new threats will be developed and businesses will again have to adapt to the changing landscape.

Due to this, businesses need to embrace the changes by formulating strategies, implementing controls and continually improving practices. The increase in threats means that businesses can no longer afford to be reactive and IT security should be a discussion that reaches the boardroom.

No one wants to become the next cyber security victim, so controls must be implemented before its too late.

Eventura have a team of cyber security experts able to help businesses improve their cyber security practices. The team advocates a model of prevent, detect, respond and recover. How this model could work for you depends on your business and risk appetite. To discuss your current security solutions and how you can plan for the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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