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How Do Pipeline CRMs Like Pipedrive Work?

September 20, 2023

The world of sales and client relationship building moves quickly and requires some powerful technology to drive it. Services like Pipedrive CRM are there to help, but what exactly does it do? Well, it’s a valuable tool for any business looking to improve customer service and build new client relationships. A CRM solution can work wonders, but you need to do your due diligence before committing to a particular brand.

What is a CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform operates as a central hub to facilitate the management of multiple accounts and projects. It enables the tracking of customers, observing their behaviours throughout the sales process and moving them through systematic sales funnels. And it helps keep all your team members on the same page to provide a seamless customer experience.

Modern businesses need to be streamlined in effective, efficient ways. This principle applies to all departments, and companies can use CRM to gain actionable insights about progress through projects and customer interactions that can be shared with all relevant arms of the business.

How does CRM help sales?

To be effective in sales, you need more than just leads; you need to build relationships. A CRM is the ideal tool to help sales teams manage their clients. It also provides peace of mind for those clients and customers, enabling them to maintain a point of contact throughout different stages of the service.

For sales teams, benefits of CRM include:

  • Monitoring client records.
  • Keeping track of multiple conversations simultaneously.
  • Processing follow-ups.

Having the right CRM in place will enable sales teams to maintain contact with prospects via a simple UI. This is a favourable solution for the experience of all clients and customers.

By collating all sales data in one place, a sales CRM is a measure of success. It traces conversation histories, enabling sales teams to ensure they remain on-brand with their communications and aligned with prospects at all times. All of this leads to refining and targeting sales strategies with no need for guesswork. All parties in the sales chain can remain up-to-date on the latest developments in interactions, saving time and money in customer relations.

So what is a pipeline CRM?

CRM services are not all created the same. A pipeline CRM is one that carefully records and maps each stage of the sales pipeline. With a pipeline CRM, you have a tool to create different stages of your sales process and move leads through them smoothly. You will receive notifications and reminders of actions you need to take at every stage.

Essentially, a pipeline CRM is a system specifically designed for the processes involved in making a sale. All sales pipelines are unique to different companies, and individual prospects, the best tools are flexible and versatile, with customisation that can optimise them for your needs,

The ultimate goal of a pipeline CRM is to maintain a high level of client engagement. It’s a system whereby you can reduce the rates at which leads stick or drop off before reaching the end of the sales pipeline. And it’s a useful organiser that provides structure and organisation when things get difficult to follow.

What differences are there between Pipeline CRM and other CRM systems?

Pipeline CRMs are targeted for:

  • Sales analysis.
  • Lead nurturing.
  • Pipeline follow-ups.

They have the same basic framework of a standard CRM, meaning it is always easy for your team to keep up with the various stages of lead building. They also incorporate opportunities for communication and collaboration.

But a pipeline CRM differs from other types of customer relationship management in that it takes centre stage in your processes. The pipeline system will clearly define and annotate stages of the sales process that you design. There are functionalities for you to establish triggers, reminders and other useful tools to incorporate into each stage of the sales pipeline for a complete system.

If a CRM offers pipeline analysis as its primary function, it will organise a little differently to other solutions. For example, client collaboration CRM is more focused on online workspaces and file-sharing.  Meanwhile, pipeline services will divide up workflows into expected stages to benefit both your sales team and the clients they interact with.

Building Sales Pipelines

Finding leads is always a challenge, and nurturing them into sales is an even bigger one. You need to rely on more than luck to get leads through your sales pipeline. With a pipeline CRM, you will record and monitor the processes that lead to conversions and then seek to retain loyal customers for long-term success.

When you make a sale, your pipeline CRM system will analyse the activities of the customer and follow-up with them to get feedback and offer upgrades, extensions and add-ons. This is important because it helps strengthen the relationship with that customer even further. It will resolve any problems they encounter and offer incentives to come back, enhancing the customer experience at every possible opportunity.

Pipeline CRM enables you to win loyal customers who trust you and feel they have a relationship with your brand. The activities and efforts of your sales teams will be optimised to areas where they offer the best possible results, so everybody benefits and your bottom line is nurtured.

Final Thoughts

Historically, maintaining a sales pipeline has been a difficult thing to do. Today, with flexible, user-friendly CRM software, it’s becoming easier to keep track of your leads and their progress through sales pipelines. To develop strong relationships and truly drive revenue, clarity and confidence are essential.

The right pipeline CRM solution will provide full oversight over your pipelines. You will be able to manage your sales targets and keep your prospects happy, confident and loyal. It’s a more efficient approach than using multiple spreadsheets and programs, combining everything into a single solution that delivers real results for your sales teams and efforts.

Why Should You Choose Eventura for Pipedrive CRM?

We believe in Pipedrive so much that we use it in our own business. Pipedrive has helped us automate our sales processes, maximise sales opportunities and nurture our existing customers.

We love it so much we became a Pipedrive Partner and are now proud to offer this game-changing CRM solution to our customers. If you would like to speak to someone about how Pipeline CRM can benefit your business, please get in touch here.

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