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9 Ways CRM Can Maximise Your Marketing ROI

October 4, 2023

Custom Relationship Management (CRM) software is a robust solution for the management of customer relationships. To gain a competitive edge in the modern world, you need to be able to make the most of your relationships with customers.

Marketing targets potential and existing customers in various ways, and it becomes more powerful when you can tailor your efforts to the correct audience. CRM software like Pipedrive includes a number of powerful features to help make this possible, maximising your ROI from marketing.

What CRM capabilities can help improve marketing ROI?

With a complete and fully integrated CRM solution, you can get insights that help make your marketing far more effective. Here are some things that these solutions can do for you.

1. Targeting Unique Personas

CRM is designed to track behaviour patterns in your audience. This provides you with a wealth of data that the software’s analytics capabilities can transform into insights that help you identify unique personas to target with your marketing efforts.

This can facilitate precision targeting of distinct markets, such as:

  • Chain branch managers.
  • Small business entrepreneurs.
  • Enterprise level managers.

From here, you can create unique messaging that speaks powerfully to these personas based on their needs and interests. Your CRM will track leads on autopilot, collecting key information about their preferences and needs. The bigger your audience, the more insights you can collect, helping optimise your efforts and drive revenue for an improved ROI on your marketing.

2. Customising Using Contact Information

With CRM software, you can easily capture detailed information about individuals, customers or clients. This makes it easy for your team to pull up the record of any contact before reaching out, leveraging that knowledge to make a custom pitch.

Personalise your message with unique details like:

  • Business position.
  • Previous contacts.
  • Location.

3. Scoring More Leads

CRM software has capabilities to track where in the sales funnel your leads are, as well as the strength of individual leads. This is crucial information you can use to identify the best prospects and optimise your marketing and sales efforts to focus on the leads with the highest chances of converting.

This helps you to use your time more efficiently, emphasising leads that are more likely to become paying customers. In turn, this drives ROI from your marketing efforts.

4. Customising by Purchase History

Your CRM software will give you a thorough record of your audience’s previous purchasing activity. This is information you can use to automatically send out custom promotions like suggestions for related products.

This is a proven method of boosting sales on the fly, meaning your investment in marketing gains a further reach to convert customers into return customers. This boosts your marketing ROI in a sustainable way that requires minimum effort on your part.

5. Engage Your Social Audience

The best CRM solutions have features for listening to your social media, tracking audience behaviour on digital channels away from your own website. This helps develop insights about:

  • General feelings towards your brand or sector.
  • Common pain points.
  • Consumer interests.

This is all knowledge you can use to optimise your messaging to reach the right people in a way that Is effective. You can apply it for social media ads, email campaigns and elsewhere.

6. Target Your Most Loyal Customers

CRM data is a goldmine of information to understand which of your current customers offers the most value. Identify your best customers and target them to make your promotional reach go further.

For example, the data will determine your biggest spenders. You can invest more in them whilst moving marketing investment away from targeting customers who don’t offer so much value. This is an efficient way to maximise your marketing ROI.

7. Improve Your Audience Engagement

It is very common for prospects to sign up for your email list but never engage with the content you send out. Instead of abandoning hope with these leads, you can use your CRM software to reach out to people to encourage re-engagement.

Making the effort to improve your audience engagement can help reduce churn and increase conversions. This is a powerful way to get the most out of your existing customer base, thus improving the return on your marketing investment.

8. Optimise Sales Processes

Your CRM tells you precisely when and how you make contact with leads, and also identifies the marketing collateral that did it. If you analyse these things closely as part of your overall sales process, you will discover which approaches are the most effective.

There are many opportunities to optimise your sales processes using the insights your CRM provides. Test different ones and look for patterns to help increase your marketing ROI.

9. Access More Opportunities to Upsell

Every lead requires a certain amount of your marketing budget to acquire. With CRM logging your customers and clients, you have key data to identify opportunities to upsell to existing customers, thus increasing their lifetime customer value (LCV).

Analyse the types and prices of products they have purchased from you. This information can enable the creation of tailored promotional offers for individuals, and you can set up automatic notifications to present these upselling opportunities at the perfect time.

Remember, CRM Does More than just Collect Data

A high-quality CRM system provides data-based benefits for everything relating to your sales and marketing efforts. But it also includes tools to utilise that data in various ways. Your platform will enable opportunities to:

  • Analyse and categorise data.
  • Create automatic reports and forecasts.
  • Incorporate insights into automated resources for increasing customer value.

A deep dive into the data of a CRM system reveals many opportunities to target leads and maximise ROI from your overall marketing efforts. You can contact us to explore how CRM could benefit you, or how you could better use your existing CRM to access more of these benefits for yourself.

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