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Construction Technology: Weighing up Costs and Business Benefits

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May 29, 2018

Talking technology with some Managed IT Services Providers means that costs are often considered further down the line, with initial conversations focusing on business pain points and benefits of various solutions. However, cost is often a high priority to construction businesses who are constantly under pressure to close projects on time and within budget.

Of course it is important to consider business benefits, as a Managed Services Provider ourselves we know the massive rewards technology can bring, but it is also important that our customers and prospects understand the costs so they can evaluate what solutions are most appropriate for them.

Some of the most common costs to consider include:

Hardware and Software License Costs

To ensure that you have a reliable network, it is important to know that sometimes you will have to invest in new hardware, which could be anything ranging from a single laptop to a completely new server. Equally, you may have to pay for software licenses for features to improve your business.

Deployment Costs

In addition to the initial purchase of new technology, there will be costs associated with the configuration, installation and user training.

Support and Maintenance Costs

This is usually a recurring monthly fee, which ensures that your technology is well maintained and your critical applications are available for access when required. It often includes access to a Managed Service Desk, who can be contacted quickly to restore service to users in the event of an issue with your technology.

The Opportunity Cost

This is arguably the most important cost to consider. Looking at the opportunity cost will allow you to assess the impact that the introduction of technology will have on your business. What is the monetary cost of the investment compared to the cost of not making the investment?

Don’t forget to include things such as current levels of downtime due to inefficient technology or in having to wait for extended periods of time until issues are resolved. Sometimes we must speculate to accumulate.

Working with a reputable MSP that has experience within your industry means that they can advise you on leveraging technology to drive the efficiency of employees and projects, develop your competitive advantage and simplify compliance reporting.

By considering the broader picture, weighing up all of the costs and benefits, you are in a better position to make a decision for your business and enter into a partnership built on strong foundations.

If you would like the help of Eventura in assessing the cost of technology investment compared to the business benefits, please contact us.

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