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TV & Video Direct


The Client

Founded in 1996 by Jim Brown and his sons Matthew and Daniel, the TVD Group started from humble beginnings in a shop in Leigh, Lancashire and has now become a leading UK provider in audio visual solutions on both commercial and domestic fronts.

Continuing Jim’s legacy of exemplary customer care, unrivalled technical knowledge and expertise, and high quality products and installations they strive to put the customer at the focus of everything they do, this is what sets them apart from the competition. Their family values and dedication to quality and service has seen the TVD Group go from strength to strength.

The Challenge

TV and Video Direct has enjoyed a consistent level of growth since its establishment in 1997. But as the business began to operate on a larger scale, their original IT system was beginning to show worrying signs of strain. Director, Matthew Brown thought that change was essential.

The Solution


Eventura assessed the business needs of TV and Video Direct, before recommending a solution. The solution included the installation of a brand new server, carefully selected software packages and a wireless network. Training followed to ensure that employees could get the most out of the new solution.



“The most important thing we’ve seen is an increase in the general efficiency of the whole business. It’s leaner and fitter than it ever was before.”

TVD Group

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