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Tibard and Eventura

Tibard Group is a leading manufacturer of chefswear and uniforms, located in Greater Manchester. They discovered their old-fashioned eCommerce system required a much-needed procedural makeover to achieve their full potential.

Due to their combination of IT Support and experience in business systems, Tibard felt confident that Eventura could offer them a result that would streamline the eCommerce issues and keep everything working for both customers and staff.

Tibard Case Study

“Eventura’s innovative yet simple solutions means we can transfer our new system and have it available within a short period. They understand the needs of our business and their unique mix of customer service and industry skills means it’s a seamless integration into our everyday work.”

Ian Mitchell, Company Director

The Challenge

High demand & manual processes

A new line of designer lead workwear was in exceedingly high demand from Tibard meaning they needed to produce a purchase order for the supplier and a sales order from the customer at the same time.
The initial solution was a manually produced orders using Sage for both ends; however, this became time-consuming as the popularity of the line grew. Yet they knew there was a way to make it easier for everyone.

Company director Ian Mitchell contacted Eventura with the work because they understood the business:


“After relying on Eventura for the bulk of our modernisation over the past decade, we knew that it was vital for us to get the new system up and running with minimal disruption to the people on the ground floor of the operation.”

The Solution

Automation and integration

Eventura’s long-standing relationship meant we understood the specific needs Tibard would need in the solution. Eventura had already come up with several bespoke system solutions for Tibard in the past so streamlining was the way to go.

The partner’s collaborated with a system to synthesise codes coming through orders on our website to Sage to simultaneously create the purchase orders for our suppliers for garments we do not manufacture ourselves and a sales order for our customer to receive. All administered through a solution by Eventura some years prior. Therefore by having the sales order import a purchase order simultaneous through Sage import the manual aspect of the process was dramatically reduced.

Understanding that Tibard’s range was a collective or several different suppliers synthesising this data involved taking into account a lot of different variables.


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