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NetSuite ERP System

Cleenol and Eventura

Cleenol Hand Sanitizing Gel
Cleenol Group is recognised as one of the UK’s leading innovators, manufacturers and suppliers of quality cleaning and hygiene products.

Cleenol manufactures, warehouses and distributes high-quality products through efficient and personal service. An extensive product portfolio makes Cleenol a single source for even the most demanding cleaning requirements. Cleenol’s general and bespoke product ranges formulate to provide the highest domestic, commercial, and industrial hygiene technology standards. Cleenol employs its service support team to give service support where applicable.

“Engaging with Eventura to deliver our NetSuite ERP project is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We were able to quickly move from a costly, stalled and failing project, to a huge success. We now have impetus, fuelled by business acumen, product knowledge and a desire to succeed. Thank you.”

Sam Greaves, Managing Director – Cleenol

The Question

Why Did Cleenol Choose Eventura?

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Cleenol were a crucial resource in providing cleaning products, notably sanitiser gels and liquids to the National Health Service (NHS) and Her Majesty’s Government. The pandemic created a tremendous strain on the current systems, and a project was already in place to replace their ERP systems to help support the business operations. The problem was that the project was stalled and had been on a downward spiral, with apathy toward the implementation team beginning to creep in.

The new Managing Director Sam Greaves, knew that a new approach was needed. He identified that Cleenol needed more experience, breadth of knowledge and product expertise and he reached out to Eventura.

The Problem

A Project Turnaround Needed

By the time Cleenol approached Eventura, it had been over 18 months since the initial purchase of NetSuite. The project had many hurdles and delays internally and at their existing NetSuite supplier.

Project work had already started in different areas, but there was no central ownership and drive to implement it. After gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s current situation by analysing all areas of the business and its processes, Eventura took over the project’s running on behalf of Cleenol.

A complete project review allowed the identification of the steps that Eventura needed to act as the central hub to organise, push and pull together each stakeholder within the project. It wasn’t long before Cleenol saw real progress, and within a short period of months, the project was nearing completion.

The Sulution

NetSuite Consultancy and ERP

Eventura provided the full-facet of project management, business process and NetSuite consultancy skills to deliver the product. This included data-conversions from legacy systems, team training (in a covid-safe environment) and business-process re-engineering where appropriate.

In addition to their NetSuite project challenges, Cleenol were also experiencing issues with their IT and networking technologies. Multiple suppliers provided separate services to various areas of business. This caused further delays, lack of accountability and dysfunctionality between business systems. The company took the decision to consolidate their technology suppliers, so that Eventura could design, deliver and maintain the technical infrastructure throughout the whole business.


“From zero to full throttle in six months, controlled, targeted and fully comprehensive ERP and business process knowledge”

The Result

ERP with Real-time Business Intelligence

From starting the project to go-live, the timescale was shortened, from the previous two years to just six months. The business now benefitting from a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The new ERP system is now available 24×7, accessible globally and provides a fully integrated, reliable and robust edge-to-edge solution.

Cleenol now also benefits from detailed KPI information and can act on and make decisions that are based on informed real-time business intelligence regarding markets, production and operations.

The Future

New Projects

Eventura has been retained to deliver a number of follow-on projects, to further enhance the base system and for several other technical projects around the business.


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